Let profit surprise you!

You can open deposits conveniently in the app. From the menu select My finances > Savings and investments > Deposits

About the deposit

You can set up Lokata Mobilna quickly and conveniently through the Bank Millennium mobile app.

you gain 4.50% per annum

you set up the deposit for 3 months, and after it has matured you can open a next one

you can deposit from 500 PLN to 25 000 PLN


In case of a personal account you can have only one Lokata Mobilna. In case of a joint account, each holder of the joint account can set up one Lokata Mobilna.

Interest rate

Interest rate on Lokata Mobilna is fixed and accrues on the entire balance.

Term deposit period
Standard offer
3 months

The deposit is not renewable. Interest rate per annum.

Funds deposited on accounts in the Bank, the total value of which funds does not exceed the equivalent of 100,000 EUR, irrespective of the number of accounts held in the Bank, are protected by Banking Guarantee Fund, in keeping with the Act of 10 June 2016 on Banking Guarantee Fund, system of protection of deposits and compulsory restructuring (Journal of Laws2016.996). Eligible for protection are deposits and receivables of entities indicated in art. 20 of the a/m Act.