About the loan

Loan for the purchase of securities is a useful tool to make instant transactions on the stock market.

Raise funds for stock market transactions:

  • on the primary and secondary market
  • in the form of a revolving credit line, thanks to which you will always have access to money to buy securities
  • activated automatically, immediately after a purchase order for securities is placed
  • APR 5.39%

Cost of the loan and disclaimer

The line for purchase of securities guarantees:

  • fast and easy access to money for purchase of securities
  • the possibility to purchase any securities, both on the primary as well as secondary market
  • minimum loan amount: PLN 20 000
  • the loan is granted in PLN
  • loan tenor: up to 12 months, with possible prolongation for next 12 months

More details

For detailed information contact your nearest Bank Millennium Financial Centres

How to get

Online Aplication

Millennium Financial Centres

Additional information

Cost of the loan and disclaimer

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 5.39%, total credit amount (without credit financed costs): PLN 630 631, total amount to be paid: PLN 663 739.10, variable interest rate 4.77%, total credit cost: PLN 33 108.10 (including: fee 0.48% (PLN 3 027.00), interest PLN 30 081.10, additional services PLN 0, including: insurance PLN 0, PLN 0 – monthly fee for Konto Prestige World account if total externally sourced turnover on the account was at least PLN 10 000 in the previous month or as the average from last 3 months and in the previous month one payment was booked on the account, made with the debit card; otherwise the monthly fee for the account shall be PLN 29), loan period: 12 months, throughout the period the credit line is fully utilised; monthly payment of interest; repayment of principal in a single tranche upon maturity. The above has been calculated as of 16.10.2017 on a representative example.

Prior to granting the Credit line for purchase of securities, the Bank shall evaluate the Applicant’s credit capacity and creditworthiness on a case-by-case basis; in justified situations the Bank may refuse to grant the credit line. For detailed information about the Credit line for purchase of securities see our Cash loan regulations/ Regulamin udzielania kredytów Klientom segmentu Prestige oraz Klientom segmentu Bankowości Prywatnej w Banku Millennium S.A. and Pricelist - loan commissions, fees and interest rates - in the Bank’s Branches and on www.bankmillennium.pl website.