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Choose Mortgage Loan (APR 3,63%) awarded in the prestigious Golden Banker 2021 ranking

Legal note

What you gain

Choose Bank Millennium attractive offer and support of our credit specialists:

  • 0% commission for loan granting and earlier repayment (APR 3.63%)
  • financing up to 90% of the property value
  • credit holidays once a year
  • check the status of your application in the mobile app, even if you do not have an account with us

Cost of loan and legal note

Prestigious award for Bank Millennium Mortagage Loan. Our offer has won 1st place in the "Mortgage Loan" category in the Golden Banker 2021 ranking organized by and "Puls Biznesu" magazine.

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Check your application status online

Now after applying for a mortgage loan you can track your application progress in Millenet and Bank Millennium mobile app:

  • you can see on what stage your application is and what happens with it
  • we send you the update when the status of your application changes
  • you always know what your next steps are

Don't have an account with us yet?

No problem. Check your mortgage application decision, find out what documents to provide and be up to date with the stages of applying for a mortgage loan thanks to Bank Millennium mobile app, even if you do not have an account with us.

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    Don't have an account with us yet? -

    Download our app to your phone and select Mortgage application status at the bottom of the screen

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    Don't have an account with us yet? -

    Provide mortgage application number and data from your identifier (e.g. PESEL number)

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    Don't have an account with us yet? -

    You are all set! Check your mortgage application status on the go anytime you like

Mortgage with a fixed
interest rate for 5 years

If you value peace of mind and want to be sure that your mortgage instalment will not change over the next 5 years, consider a loan with a fixed rate

  • You will not be able to switch to variable rate during the 5-year fixed rate period
  • After 5 years, you can choose a fixed interest rate or switch to a variable interest rate using the 3M WIBOR indicator
  • If you already have a loan in PLN with a variable interest rate, you can apply for a fixed interest rate, valid for 5 years

What can you allocate your mortgage loan to

  • purchase of flat/house on the primary/secondary market

  • construction/extension of a house

  • refurbishment/upgrade

  • refinancing your housing loan


The target Mortgage Loan collateral at Bank Millennium are:

  • mortgage on residential property entered in the first place in favour of Bank Millennium
  • assignment of rights from the insurance policy against fire and other accidents
  • assignment of rights from the borrower’s life insurance policy with the Bank as the only beneficiary

Until mortgage is established a so-called interim loan collateral is established. At Bank Millennium a standard interim collateral is a commission for increased risk collected until the mortgage is established.

Loan with LTV (total amount of the mortgage loan to the value of securing property) above 80%, but not higher than 90%, can be granted exclusively with an additional collateral in the form of high LTV insurance.

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