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Choose Mortgage Loan (APR 8,62%) awarded in the prestigious Golden Banker 2021 ranking

Legal notefor: Mortgage loan

What you gain

Choose Mortgage Loan on attractive terms (APR 8,62%):

  • 0% commission for loan granting and earlier repayment (APR 8,62%)
  • deposit - from 10%
  • credit holidays once a year
  • check the status of your application in the mobile app even if you do not have an account in Bank Millennium
  • support of our credit specialists on every stage

Cost of loan and legal note

The best mortgage loan on the market

We won 1st place for the best mortgage loan in Golden Banker 2021

Mortgage Loan calculator

Instalment fixed for 5 years

Consider a loan with fixed interest rate:

  • your instalment will not change for 5 years
  • after 5 years you can choose a fixed interest rate for the next 5 years. If you do not, the interest rate will again be variable
  • if you have a mortgage in PLN with variable interest rate you can apply for changing it to fixed interest rate

Check your application status online

You can track your mortgage application progress in Millenet and mobile app:

  1. Check your application status online -

    You can see on what stage your application is and what happens with it

  2. Check your application status online -

    You get a message when the status of your application changes

  3. Check your application status online -

    You know what your next steps are

  1. 1
    Check your application status online -

    Download the mobile app to your mobile device and select mortgage application status at the bottom of the screen

  2. 2
    Check your application status online -

    Provide data, e.g. application number and data from your identifier (e.g. PESEL)

  3. 3
    Check your application status online -

    Done! Now you can check what is happening with your application

You can conveniently attach
your insurance documents

If you choose real estate insurance or life insurance required to secure a loan with another institution, you can attach all documents easily and quickly online:

  • you can add real estate and life insurance documents in the app and Millenet
  • we will remind you about the upcoming deadline
  • we will inform you about the result of the documents verification
  • if there is a need to add documents again, you will also do it after the policy expiry date conveniently via Millenet or the mobile app

What can you allocate your mortgage loan to

  • purchase of flat/house on the primary/secondary market

  • construction/extension of a house

  • refurbishment/upgrade

  • refinancing your housing loan

Borrowers’ Support Fund

The fund was set up to help out people in a difficult financial situation who still need to make mortgage repayments.

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  • You can use a mortgage loan (or simply mortgage) to finance the purchase of a house or a flat on the primary or secondary market, construction or extension of a house, refurbishment or modernisation. A loan from another bank can also be refinanced.

  • Borrowing capacity determines your ability to repay a loan you have taken out with interest on time. You can use the mortgage calculator to estimate your borrowing capacity. Thanks to the calculator you will also check, on an estimate basis, what loan instalment you can expect.

    Your borrowing capacity will be calculated by the Bank based on your loan application.

  • We finance real estate purchases up to 90% of their value. But please bear in mind that you will have to pay high LTV risk insurance. You will be paying the costs of insurance until the LTV ratio is 80%, i.e. the ratio of the total amount of the loan to property value has reached 80%.

  • Yes. You can partially or fully repay a loan with no additional cost to you. You will conveniently make the partial repayment in Millenet, fully repayment is possible in our branch.

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