Cultural patronage

Bank Millennium is a sponsor of culture 360° - we support arts almost in all forms

Cultural patronage

Bank Millennium has been culturally involved for over thirty years now. We attach great importance to communicating with communities that remain outside the sphere of our direct business activity: non-governmental, community and self-government organisations as well as foundations. In pursuit of our social mission we implement long-term programmes with these institutions, in the area of culture, education and charity initiatives.


These efforts constitute part of the broadly understood communication programme of a company, which is an institution of public trust. The Bank, be it in the capacity of a patron, or carrying out sponsorship or promotion programmes, focuses special attention on their quality as well as the competence and credibility of its partners.

In parallel to our business we have been supporting national and local cultural events. Bank Millennium is a sponsor of culture 360°, because it promotes art in almost all its forms, including: film, music, painting, sculpture, theatre, photography, literature and performance. Bank Millennium reaches for niche and popular culture. It focuses on long-term cooperation based on partnership. For 17 years it has been a partner and for 7 years the naming rights sponsor of Millennium Docs Against Gravity - Europe’s largest documentary films festival. For 17 years it was sponsoring the Golden Sceptre award for eminent culture creators. For 11 years it was sponsoring the “Pearls of Millennium” - a joint project of the Bank and TVP, which aimed to produce, promote and present high culture artistic events on TVP channels. For 17 years it has been sponsoring the International Festival of Traditional Jazz "Old Jazz Meeting - Złota Tarka". It was connected with the Gdańsk Music Festival. For 7 years it was involved in the “Two Theatres” Festival; it was also supporting the Mozart festival in the Warsaw Chamber Opera and many others. For 8 years it was with Bella Skyway Festival and 7 years with Sacrum Profanum.

Over 30 years of Bank Millennium cultural patronage

  • Bank Millennium's activity for the promotion and sharing of culture has been ongoing for 34 years.
  • Bank Millennium patronage is a cultural journey for three decades.
  • Since the beginning of its business activity, the Bank has been involved in sharing and disseminating culture in Poland.
  • A summary of the Bank's long-term involvement can be seen in the film ”1989-2019. 30 years of Bank Millennium culture patronage”.

Events we support

For years we have been involved with famous cultural projects.

Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival

Bank Millennium has become the naming sponsor of Poland’s largest documentary films festival.

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Old Traditional Jazz Meeting "Złota Tarka"

Each year Złota Tarka hosts outstanding Polish and foreign jazz musicians.

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Photographic project “Solidarity"

An open-air exhibition, traveling through successive places in Poland, showing the drama of refugees from war-affected Ukraine and the extraordinary solidarity of Poles.

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Sacrum Profanum

The Cracow festival presents contemporary and experimental music and setting trends.

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The 28th Bydgoszcz Opera Festival

Bank Millennium sponsors the 28th Bydgoszcz Opera Festival

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Archival events