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  1. Bank Millennium Group Strategy – Millennium 2024 Inspired by people

    2022-24 outline

  2. Bank Millennium in the WIG-ESG index of socially responsible companies

Reports and presentations

Current Reports

The newest current report

Information on the non-use by Bank Millennium S.A. of the right to early redemption of series W subordinated bonds

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The newest financial report

Report of the Bank Millennium S.A. Capital Group for 3Q 2023

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The newest presentations and webcasts

Bank Millennium Group - 3Q 2023 results

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Quarterly fact sheets

3Q 2023 results of Bank Millennium Group

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Capital adequacy

Report on risk, capital and remuneration policy of Bank Millennium in 2022 (PDF file)

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Main financial highlights


Ratings awarded by specialized independent rating agencies


  • Shareholders

    Shareholders holding minimum 5% votes at the General Shareholders Meeting.

  • General Shareholders Meetings

    The Shareholders Meeting shall be held in keeping with the procedures and on terms and conditions provided for in the Commercial Companies Code and in the Bank's Articles of Association.

Strategy and dividend

Bank's strategy

Strategy of the Bank Millennium Group

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Current dividend policy of the Bank Millennium Group and payment history

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Information on Bank Millennium S.A. bonds

On 30 January 2019 Bank Millennium S.A. issued, under the Third Bond Issue Programme, 1.660 subordinated bonds series W of the nominal value of 500.000 PLN each. Maturity term is 10 years. Repurchase date falls on 30 January 2029. Bonds have the ISIN code: PLBIG0000461 and are listed in alternative trading system on Catalyst at the GPW S.A. market and on the BondSpot S.A. market. Information Note with respect to series W bonds at the nominal value of 500.000 PLN each and the total nominal value of 830.000.000 PLN, containing, inter alia, Bond Issue Conditions is available on GPW Catalyst Web site: link otwiera się w nowym oknie

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About the Bank

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Information policy

Bank Millennium has been conducting a transparent information policy towards all its shareholders, investors, media, clients and other stakeholders

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About the Bank

Institutional presentation of Bank Millennium

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Analysts and recommendations

Banking sector analysts covering Bank Millennium

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