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Millennium Index – Regional Innovation Potential

Millennium Index 2020
Ograniczenia i szanse wynikające z kryzysu związanego z pandemią COVID-19

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Millennium generation

Millennium generation in the world of finance and new technologies – trailblazers or traditionalists?

Read the report about Millennium generationlink otwiera się w nowym oknie - in Polish

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Generation Y and Z

Generation Y and Z in the world of finance and new technologies – how do they bank, are they familiar with FinTech products?


Will mobile bank application be the most important application in your phone 10 years from now? See how people in Poland see their bank in 2018 and 2028

Cultural patronage

Cultural patronage

Bank Millennium is a sponsor of culture 360° - we support arts almost in all forms.

Bank Millennium has been culturally involved for over thirty years now. We attach great importance to communicating with communities that remain outside the sphere of our direct business activity: non-governmental, community and self-government organisations as well as foundations. In pursuit of our social mission we implement long-term programmes with these institutions, in the area of culture, education and charity initiatives.

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Information materials and advertising campaigns

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