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Tax transfer on Twój e-PIT website available to clients of Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium has introduced the possibility of paying tax directly in the Twój e-PIT service. Now clients who have tax underpayment can send a transfer with use of the fast online payments system. Bank Millennium is one of the first banks to have made this possible.

Program Inwestycyjny Millennium (Millennium Investment Programme) – the way to invest with convenience

Bank Millennium has launched Program Inwestycyjny Millennium – a new financial product, which allows investing on international capital markets and has been prepared with a view to various investment styles and preferences of clients.

Bank Millennium partners-up with an international mathematical hackathon

On 17-22 March 2019 in Warsaw ESGI144 (European Study Group with Industry) will take place – an international event, which aims to develop economic applications of mathematics.

Bank Millennium is overcoming social barriers

Partner of the biggest documentary film festival in Poland and leader in barrier-free banking, Bank Millennium has been supporting accessibility of culture to people with visual disabilities. Thanks to audio description Bank Millennium will enable them to fully participate in the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival.

Bank Millennium - the fastest reporting financial company

Bank Millennium has been the first financial sector company to publish on-line its 2018 financial and corporate social responsibility report. Thus, analysts, investors and all those interested in the company’s operations have not only quick but also convenient access to the key information.

13 films will compete for the Main Bank Millennium Award – the Grand Prix of the 16th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival

13 films will compete for the Main Bank Millennium Award – the Grand Prix of the 16th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival. The festival will be held in six cities, including Katowice where it will take place for the first time, thanks to the cooperation with Silesia Film!

New promotion of consolidation loan in Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium launched a new promotion of Consolidation Loan, in which clients who want to transfer their liabilities from other banks to Bank Millennium will get a promotional interest rate on the transferred loans at the level of 5,75%. No fee is charged on the transferred loans.

Temporary blocking of cards in Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium has introduced the possibility of blocking cards temporarily. The service is available in the mobile app and allows a card to be blocked for a specified period of time. It is useful when we leave the card behind for a short period e.g. leaving the wallet in a swimming pool or gym locker, or when we are going to a concert. You can block or unblock the card any number of times in the app, at any time.

The joy of writing – exhibition of manuscripts by Wisława Szymborska

Bank Millennium is a patron of an exceptional exhibition Manuscripts of the Nobel prize-winning poet, including “Questioning yourself”, “The onion”, “Cat in an empty apartment” and “Joy of writing”, will be displayed at an exceptional exhibition, which will be opened on 26 February by the Jagiellonian Library and The Wisława Szymborska Foundation. A pretext to its preparation is the digitisation of manuscripts of poems by Jagiellonian Library and their publication in Jagiellonian Digital Library and on the Polona website - the biggest digital library in Poland.

One million downloads of goodie app

The goodie shopping app has been downloaded a million times already. The goodie platform owes its dynamic growth to the continuous stream of new services and active promotion. Goodie was also used to set up more than 400,000 loyalty cards of 40 shopping centres in all Poland.

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