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Bank Millennium opens new branch in Galeria Wroclavia

Bank Millennium has opened a branch in the newly launched Galeria Wroclavia shopping centre in the capital of Lower Silesia. In choosing locations Bank Millennium follows contemporary consumers and their needs. This is why are where the throbbing pulse of many of today’s cities is.

New round of Cash Loan promotion at Bank Millennium

The second round of „Dream or make it happen” Cash Loan promotion in Bank Millennium. The promotional fixed interest rate up to 20 thous. PLN for loan periods from 6 to 36 months is 4,99%. The promotion covers loans with insurance.

Volunteers from Bank Millennium promote a sporty lifestyle in Silesia

Volunteers from the bank together with teachers and students from a school in Pawłowice in Silesia used a grant obtained from Bank Millennium Foundation to carry out an action promoting a sporty lifestyle among the students.

Bank Millennium in top three banks for property developers

Bank Millennium has made it to the third place of the 12th Ranking of Banks by the Polish Union of Property Development Companies. The winners were selected by developers who looked at the quality of cooperation with banks financing their projects, including the contracts, speed of processing applications, flexibility of the bank during the lending process as well as consistency of initial declarations with actual procedures.

Bank Millennium among winners of BAI Global Innovation Awards

Bank Millennium has won in the “Breakthrough Collaboration in Financial Services” category in BAI Global Innovation Awards. The award was granted for innovative solutions in providing access to e-administration services. Bank Millennium qualified for the finals in as many as three categories.

Millennium Leasing supports building fitness parks for professional drivers

This October Millennium Leasing joined the group of companies supporting activity of Truckers Life Foundation, which helps professional drivers improve comfort at work. In this cooperation new fitness parks are being built in motorway service areas where the drivers while on a break, can exercise to stay fit.

Two first places and one second place for Bank Millennium in the “Newsweek’s Friendly Bank” ranking

In the “Newsweek’s Friendly Bank 2017” ranking Bank Millennium stood on the podium in as many as three out of four categories – 1st place in “Bank for Mr. Kowalski”; 1st place in “Mobile Banking” and 2nd place in “Internet Banking”.

Autumn shopping – stylish and frugal

Poles spend most money on fashion and footwear in the autumn – according to a survey made for Bank Millennium. The way to have a good though frugal autumn-winter season shopping experience is to benefit from “Stylish Shopping”. Holders of Millennium Impresja card can save even more. The goodie mobile app will help in planning a visit to the shopping centre.

Already for the sixth time - Bank Millennium sponsors Sacrum Profanum

On 26th of September, a next edition of the Cracow Sacrum Profanum festival starts. During the six festival days there will be seventeen concerts held and numerous satellite events. Following the tradition, Bank Millennium has become the sponsor of this event.

Northern Gallery in Warsaw with a new Bank Millennium branch

Bank Millennium has launched its yet another branch in the modern architectural arrangement at the newly opened Galeria Północna in Warsaw. When selecting location, the Bank takes into account clients’ needs and therefore new branches are opened in frequently visited and state-of-the-art shopping centres.

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