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#MobilnyPortretPolaka – July 15th – International No Cell Phone Day

How much do phones make our daily lives easier? How strong is our bond with them? On the International No Cell Phone Day no less than 42% Poles declare that it would be more of a nuisance for them to leave their cell phone at home, than the wallet – according to Bank Millennium’s #MobilnyPortretPolaka survey. We use smartphones to watch television; we use it during meals, in bed and even talking to someone face-to-face. We also often bank mobile.

#MobilnyPortetPolaka – Holidays with the mobile banking app

Holidays are a time of relaxation and travelling, often carrying a smartphone. According to Bank Millennium’s #MobilnyPortretPolaka survey 92% Poles who use a smartphone, have their phone always or almost always with them. A smartphone is an excellent instrument for paying for purchases during the holidays (no less than 41% of smartphone owners using mobile banking pay by BLIK, while 30% pay contactless), for checking the account balance/transaction history (92% of smartphone owners using mobile banking) and for paying bills you forgot to pay before the holidays (58% of smartphone owners using mobile banking pay their bills mobile).

What will be the impact of split payment on businesses? Comments from Bank Millennium experts

On 1 July Bank Millennium launched the split payment mechanism for businesses. The service involved opening by the bank of an additional VAT account for every company and introduction of a new online type of bank transfer – split payment transfer/VAT transfer. Can companies decide whether or not to use split payment and how will it affect the cash flow of a company?

#finanseprzyszlosci or what journalists think their bank will be like in 10 years

Developing mobile banking, adding non-banking services, product personalisation based on geolocation, loans in real time, but logging on to the account through a social website – not necessarily. This is how Polish journalists see the future of banking.

Dobry Start (Good Start) and Rodzina 500+ (Family 500+) applications available online from 1st July in Bank Millennium

Dobry start is another Government programme after Rodzina 500+ to support Polish families, in which Bank Millennium is taking part. Starting from 1st July the bank’s customers can submit Dobry Start applications in the Millenet internet banking system. Submitting a properly filled-in and complete application online by 30th August guarantees payment of the benefit by 30th September this year. Paper applications will be available in municipalities starting from 1st August. From 1st July onwards customers of Bank Millennium can also submit online applications for the next benefit period in Rodzina 500+ programme.

#MobilnyPortretPolaka – Mobile banking gains in popularity

Already 31% of Poles use phone-based mobile banking – according to Bank Millennium’s #MobilnyPortretPolaka survey. This represents 20 percentage points growth over 2014 and more than 27 percentage points versus 2011. In Bank Millennium the number of mobile banking users at the end of Q1 2018 reached 759,000, which represents 38% growth y/y. For the first time in the bank’s history the number of logons to the mobile app exceeded the number of logons to internet banking.

Bank Millennium is building a mortgage bank

Today Bank Millennium filed with Polish Financial Supervision Authority an application for permission to create a mortgage bank under the name of "Millennium Bank Hipoteczny" with its registered office in Warsaw. This is to be another company in the Bank’s capital group, with Bank Millennium as sole shareholder.

Bank Millennium support election of the most innovative company in Poland and of Innowator Stulecia (Innovator of the Century)

The 4th edition has just started of “Eagle of Innovation” with Bank Millennium as its partner since the beginning of its existence. The competition aims to select and recognise the most innovative business projects in Poland. This year the jury will also elect “Innovator of the Century”.

Provide the bank with your new personal identity card number via the mobile app

Customers of Bank Millennium can change the data of their personal identity card and their contact data completely online. The new service is available in the mobile app and in the Millenet internet banking system.

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