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Comfort and highest quality of service in Bank Millennium’s latest branch in Katowice

With its modern architectural arrangement, Bank Millennium’s new Financial Centre in Katowice is appealing with unique interiors and highest standards of service quality.

Children get to know the world of finances. Bank Millennium Foundation educates youngsters through play.

200 workshops in 70 kindergartens and more than 5000 children trained all over Poland. This is the size of the project “Financial ABC” by Bank Millennium Foundation and Verba Foundation, which is intended to present to kindergarten kids the basic concepts related to the world of finances and to help in understanding them. The project, which enjoys honorary patronage of the Children’s Ombudsman, will involve children aged 3 - 6.

Bank Millennium is the best bank in 2016 in quality of customer service

In this year’s customer service quality survey by International Service Check, Bank Millennium came on top of the list. The Bank scored 90.6% with a general average score of 74.2%.

Uterque is the new partner of Millennium Impresja card

Uterqüe – a Spanish fashion brand - has joined the group of partners of Millennium Impresja credit card. In this way its customers who hold Impresja credit cards, will get 5% moneyback on the value of their purchases from Uterqüe as well as from other partners of the card; up to PLN 760 per year.

Customers of Bank Millennium can already pay contactless with their phones

Bank Millennium has launched a service, which permits paying with a smartphone as with a contactless card. The service uses HCE technology and allows a virtual card to be created in the bank’s mobile app. Thanks to this customers can make payments quickly and conveniently without the need to carry cash or a plastic card.

Bank Millennium Foundation is Sponsor of Young Art Compass

Bank Millennium Foundation has yet again become the Sponsor of the Young Art Compass exhibition and has funded the prize of PLN 10,000 for the winner of the ranking list.

3% interest rate and 2% fee – new terms and conditions of Cash Loan in Bank Millennium

The promotion of Bank Millennium’s Cash Loan has been launched, where customers applying for a 12-month loan get to pay an interest rate of 3% and a promotional fee of 2%. The promotion applies to loans with insurance.

Above-standard interest rate on foreign currencies on the Savings Account

With a view to persons who travel extensively (on business and for leisure) or whose income in is foreign currency, Bank Millennium has launched another promotion of FX Savings Account. Customers depositing new money in USD will get an above-average interest rate of 1.2% per annum while EUR will earn 0.9% on new money.

Millennials are eager to recommend their bank to friends

Almost every third Pole aged 16-40 years recommends their bank to friends. These are the conclusions from the Bank Millennium’s survey „Pokolenie Millennium w świecie finansów i nowych technologii, na tle pokolenia X i Z” („Millennials in the world of finance and new technologies versus generation X and Z”). The Bank is most often recommended by persons aged 20-24 and those living in cities from 100 to 500 thousand inhabitants.

Customers of Bank Millennium can now register pre-paid SIM cards in the online banking system

Bank Millennium has just now implemented the service of registering pre-paid SIM cards. Thus the Bank’s customers who have a pre-paid phone can make mandatory registration without the need to visit the operator’s outlet – completely online and free of charge. Bank Millennium is first bank in Poland to offer this service.

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