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Spring “Stylish Shopping” with Bank Millennium

On 31 March this year the spring edition of the “Stylish Shopping” action will start, with Bank Millennium as the main partner. The action will involve more than 13,000 shops everywhere in Poland where shopping with discounts of up to 50% will be possible.

Customers of Bank Millennium will confirm PIT-WZ with the Trusted Profile

From 15 March the annual personal tax return will be prepared for a taxpayer by the Tax Office. All it takes is to electronically submit the PIT-WZ application, which can be confirmed i.a. with the Trusted Profile. Bank Millennium allows a Trusted Profile to be easily created in the Millenet online banking system, without the need to visit public administration offices. Customers will logon to the Trusted Profile with use of the same data as in case of Millenet, while instructions placed on e-administration websites will be authorised by them by logging on to the bank and typing an SMS P@ssword.

14 films will take part in the Main Competition competing for Bank Millennium’s Main Award during the 14th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival.

One of this year’s innovations will be VR (virtual reality)

Bank Millennium among top three Institutions of the Year 2016

In this year’s edition of the Institution of the Year ranking organised by, Bank Millennium came second in the “Quality of service in a branch” category. The top-ranking institutions were selected in a six-stage survey of work quality in branches, carried out in 2016 by experts from portal in close to 900 branches of 33 institutions.

Finances and new technologies – a woman’s point of view

She is financially independent, valuing convenience and simplicity in relations with the bank. She is putting money aside first of all for experiencing and 5 years from now she would like to use biometrics when paying for purchases in traditional shops – the picture of a young Polish woman.

Cash Loan in Bank Millennium still with promotional terms and conditions

Bank Millennium has started a new edition of the “Loan 3, 2, 1” promotion, in which cash loans with 12-month maturity have an interest rate of 3% and the fee is merely 2%. The offer applies to loans with insurance.

Bank Millennium launches goodie – an innovative smart shopping platform

Bank Millennium has launched goodie – an intuitive smartly designed shopping platform open to all, which was created as an internal start-up. This is another step of the bank in implementation of the innovation strategy. In this new project the bank makes use of such technologies as artificial intelligence, image recognition and geolocation. The goodie platform also draws on the potential of Microsoft cloud computing.

Bank Millennium in 2016 – high profit, higher number of customers, innovative solutions

  • Second year implementation of the Bank’s medium-term strategy.
  • Key growth accelerators: growth as planned of the number of active customers by 122 thous. to 1.5m, successful sales of Konto 360° account, 11% y/y growth of deposits of personal customers, 31% y/y increase of gross profit in corporate banking.
  • Development of digital platform, e-administration and sales in digital channels.

PLN 360 bonus with Bank Millennium’s Konto 360°

The next edition has started of the “Get PLN 360” promotion in Bank Millennium. In the promotion holders of Konto 360° can get a refund of 2% of the value of their debit card spend and 5% of the value of BLIK payments, up to PLN 60 in a month. All it takes is to open Konto 360° or Konto 360° Student account, use the mobile app and pay for purchases with the card or smartphone.

Saving without limits on the FX Savings Account

Bank Millennium has launched another promotion of the FX Savings Account. Customers depositing new money in USD will get an above-average interest rate of 1.2% per annum, while EUR will generate 0.8%.

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