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About Maturation in a New Bank Millennium TV Spot

On the 21st of October a new TV advertisement will be launched. This time, Bank Millennium promotes Konto Oszczędnościowe savings account, where thanks to optimal conditions and higher-than-average interest rate you may earn as much as 2,7% per year.

Millennium Leasing solid performance after three quarters of 2016

During three quarters of 2016, Millennium Leasing signed lease agreements worth more than 2,35 billion PLN. The company recorded more than 18% increase in the value of financed assets versus the same period of 2015 and 28% increase in the number of agreements signed.

Bank Millennium Foundation – Patron of the Educational Programme at the Warsaw Art Fair

Bank Millennium Foundation became the Patron of the Educational Programme at the Warsaw Art Fair to be held between October 14-16 in Kubicki Arcades at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

More-than-average interest rate on the Saving Account

Yet again Bank Millennium invites its clients to save and launches a next round of Saving Account promotion, where Konto 360° account holders who deposit new funds up to 100 thousand PLN receive interest rate of 2,7% per year in force for three months. For the amounts above 100 thousand PLN the interest rate is 1,9% per year.

Millennials – at forefront of digital payment revolution

Millennials is the first generation which was raised in the word of computers and Internet. Most of them have a smartphone and account in a few social media. Does it translate into their payment habits? Are they fully „digital”? Will they still want to pay cash in 5 years from now?

Bank Millennium in Chicago, in a prestigious group of experts, goes about selecting global leaders of innovation

Bank Millennium, represented by Ricardo Campos, Director of the Electronic Banking Department, took part in deliberations of the Jury of the international BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards competition in Chicago. The prestigious gathering of 13 innovation experts from all over the world announced results of their discussions at a gala ceremony.

Bank Millennium on the BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards Jury

BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards is one of the most prestigious competitions targeted at global innovators from the world of finance. This year on 5th and 6th October in Chicago at the gala ceremony accompanying the BAI Beacon conference, we will see the award winners as well as the best solutions for the future.

Guarantees also for current account overdrafts

Since September guarantees for innovations granted to SMEs also apply to renewable current account overdraft facilities, which are so popular among businesses. There is no need to present invoices. Applications for free-of-charge guarantees may be submitted until the end of the year.

Bank Millennium is “Stylish Shopping” partner – launch on Friday, October 7th

In a matter of days the autumn edition of Poland’s largest discount campaign “Stylish Shopping” will take off. In this campaign purchases with discounts of up to 50% will be available in more than 13,000 shops in all Poland. Additionally discounts on services will be available during 10 days.

Bank Millennium again sponsors Sacrum Profanum Festival

On October 1st Kraków will become the music capital of Europe. For eight days the stage of Sacrum Profanum Festival will see nine concerts, including two operas. Bank Millennium has traditionally become the sponsor of the event.

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