Lokata Aukcje

About the deposit

Lokata Aukcje gives you a chance to gain a deposit with interest rate over average.

  • you decide about term deposit amount
  • you propose the interest rate which satisfies you
  • if you proposal will be in winning pool, the Bank will open you a term deposit with interest rate and term deposit proposed by you.

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See what could you earn:

In the Auction 18th of September - 21st of September the average winning rate was 1.95%!

The highest winning bid was posted on 2017-09-18 at 10:01:26 a.m. for 2.05%! The minimum interest rate was 1%.

Take advantage of the next auction - place your bid in the auction 25th of September - 28th of September - maximum interest rate 3%.

Interest rate

  • Period: 15 days
  • Currency: PLN
  • Standard interest rate: 1%
  • Maximum interest rate: 3%

Funds deposited on accounts in the Bank, the total value of which funds does not exceed the equivalent of EUR 100,000, irrespective of the number of accounts held in the Bank, are protected by Banking Guarantee Fund, in keeping with the Act of 10 June 2016 on Banking Guarantee Fund, system of protection of deposits and compulsory restructuring (Journal of Laws2016.996). Eligible for protection are deposits and receivables of entities indicated in art. 20 of the a/m Act.

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Auction results

  • Date 18.09.2017
  • Number of offers 1653
  • Won offers 1614
  • Maximum rate 2.05%
  • Minimum rate 1%
  • Average rate 1.95%
  • The last recieved offer 2017.09.21 2:59:09 p.m



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