Professional, comprehensive service or non-standard financial solutions are the obvious fundamentals, which we want to exceed

Current account

Private Banking Account

The Private Banking Account provide effective management of personal finances as well as access to the full range of Millennium Private Banking products and services.

Variety of investment products will enable you to find the most effective tools for implementing your goals - short and long term. The diversification of the investment portfolio will reduce the risk and increase profit.

Saving products

A wide range of savings products

We propose a broad range of savings products to let you enjoy yield on your investments. In our range you will find savings accounts with an attractive interest rate and freedom of access to the money without losing interest as well as term deposits for various periods, available in PLN or foreign currencies, with possibility of negotiating the interest rate as well as convenient maturities which your Relationship Manager will track for you.


Wide range of loan products

It will provide financing of a real estate purchase. It will also give short-term liquidity support, without losing gains due to premature termination of an investment or savings product.


The offer comprises renewable loans, cash loans, loans secured with assets accumulated in the Bank, loans for purchase of securities, as well as mortgage loans.


Millennium Private Banking offers to its Customers many other services to effectively manage their personal finances and generate growing income from the investment portfolio.

Brokerage services

After signing an agreement on orders of purchase and sell off of the financial instruments and maintenance of account as well as appropriate statements, a Client of Bank Millennium Private Banking can make transactions on the investment account via Brokerage Office of Bank Millennium.

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

What is MiFID?

Look here to find basic information about MiFID.

Client classification

Read about Client classification rules and the Bank's obligations.

Appropriateness assessment

We will check, which financial instruments and products and investment services are appropriate for you.

Risk description

Read about the nature of financial instruments and products and related risks.

Conflict of interests

We operate in a reliable way and in the Clients' best interest.


Look here for all documents about MiFID in Bank Millennium.