Conflict of interests

For the purpose of protecting the Clients' interests the Bank uses a series of measures to prevent a conflict of interests, in particular:

  • Internal regulations are being implemented to protect confidential information or information constituting professional secrets, regulations concerning acceptance and provision of inducements as well as regulations concerning principles of carrying out own transactions,
  • Makes sure that recruited employees are duly qualified to perform their professional obligations,
  • Ensures supervision over actions of the Bank's employees.

For purposes of identification and ascertainment of conflicts of interest the Bank takes following circumstances into account:

  • Possibility of attaining by the Bank or a person related to the Bank of profit or avoiding a financial loss in result of a loss or failure to attain profit by at least one Client of the Bank,
  • Possession by the Bank or a related person of a reason to put the interest of a Client or a group of Clients above and beyond the interests of another Client or group of Clients,
  • Possession by the Bank or a related person of an interest in a specific result of a financial service provided to the Customer or a transaction handled on the Client's behalf, divergent with the Client's interest,
  • Conduct by the Bank or a related person of activity identical with the Client's activity,
  • Acceptance by the Bank or a related person from a person other than the Client of a financial benefit other than standard fees and commissions, in connection with the service provided to the Client.

If management of the conflict of interest is impossible, the Bank shall inform its Clients about identified conflicts, promptly after their ascertainment, enabling Clients to take an informed investment decision.

If the Client fails to confirm receipt of information about the arisen conflict of interest or the will to use the Bank's services in connection with the arisen conflict prior to signing of an agreement on provision of financial services, then the agreement cannot be concluded.

If such information is delivered during validity of the agreement, failure by the Client to confirm the will to continue the agreement results in exemption of the possibility of acceptance by the Bank of orders and executing of transactions regarding the services involved in the conflict of interest.