Fees and commissions (inducements)

Providing investment services the Bank does not accept from persons other than the Client nor provide to persons other than the Client, any benefits apart from standard fees and commissions for the service, unless they serve the purpose of improving quality of the rendered services.

Accepting or granting a commission cannot, nevertheless, stand in contrast with proper service performance in the Customer’s interest and information about accepting or granting the commission must be provided to the Customers.

Rules of the Bank's conduct in above-described situations, are provided in the "Policy for accepting and providing fees, commissions and non-cash benefits in Bank Millennium S.A."

Best execution policy

Concluding transactions on financial instruments and providing services of reception and transmission of orders, the Bank follows the "Best execution policy in Bank Millennium S.A."

The policy stipulates principles of provision of following services:

  • dealing on own account when executing orders on behalf of clients,
  • reception and transmission of Clients orders.

Cross selling

According to valid regulations the Bank has prepared information containing a uniform and aggregated presentation of benefits, restrictions and risks involved with cross-selling. Such selling is selling consisting in:

  • offering a suite of products or/and services, in which each of the products or services offered is available separately and the Customer has the right to buy each of them separately or
  • offering a suite of products or/and services, in which at least one of the products or services offered is not available separately.

Such information has been prepared for following products in the Bank’s offering:



Fulfilling its obligations and legal requirements the Bank concludes agreements with Clients as regards investment products, following prior assessment of appropriateness of these products from the point of view of the Client's knowledge and experience as well as investment risk with respect to investment products.

In case of Clients from the retail, Prestige and Private Banking segment, starting from 17 June 2010, the Bank accept or deliver orders concerning:

  • mutual funds,
  • purchase of structured products (including investment deposits),
  • purchase of debt securities,
  • concluding life insurance policies with mutual funds,
only after prior conclusion in writing, in the Bank's outlets, of a "Framework Agreement on provision of financial services".

The detailed terms and conditions, under which the above-mentioned services are provided, are stipulated in the "Regulations on provision of financial services for natural persons by Bank Millennium S.A."

In case of Biznes segment and Corporate Banking Customers, starting from 17 May 2010 the Bank accepts and sends instructions concerning mutual funds only after prior signing of the written “Agreement on Accepting and Sending Instructions Concerning Mutual Funds”.

The detailed terms and conditions of provision of this service are stipulated in the "Regulations on accepting and delivering orders of Biznes and Corporate Banking Clients as regards Mutual Funds by Bank Millennium S.A."