Appropriateness assessment

The Bank makes a Test of assessment of appropriateness of financial instruments and products offered to Retail Clients.

The test aims to indicate financial instruments and products, which are appropriate for the Client, taking into account his knowledge and experience in case of transactions in individual groups of financial instruments and products.

On the basis of information provided by the Client the Bank makes an appropriateness assessment prior to starting provision of investment services and also at any time at the Client's request. The Bank may also propose updating information essential to carry out assessment of appropriateness of the Client's financial instruments and products.

An appropriateness assessment can be made:

  • in each Bank outlet,
  • via Millenet,
  • and offsite for Corporate Banking Clients.

In case of transactions with Professional Clients the Bank assumes that the Client has essential knowledge and experience for the transaction and is able to properly assess its inherent investment risk. Therefore an Appropriateness Test of the offered financial instruments and products is not required for this group of Clients.