About the card

The Millennium World Debit MasterCard® is issued only to Private Banking Customers at Bank Millennium. It was created with a view to the freedom and comfort of its holders in Poland and across the world. In addition to prestige, assurance and safety it provides many practical advantages and privileges in daily life and travel.

The Millennium World Debit MasterCard debit card is issued along with the opening of an account. This is a convenient system of payment offering safe access to funds accumulated on your personal account.

The card supports PayPass™ functionality which permits making contactless payments for any amount, without the need to confirm them with a PIN number or signature up to PLN 100. This is the quickest and most convenient way to pay for minor shopping.

Inspirations programme

Paying with a Millennium cards in stores as well as various service outlets you can enjoy attractive rebates. Currently there are close to 1000 merchants who will give you the rebate!

Additional products

Assistance Package

A World Debit MasterCard holder is covered by the assistance package under which there can be provided among others such services as:

Travel Assistance:

  • information on travel preparations (visas, passports, injections, customs duties, VAT rates, etc.),
  • unplanned return home,
  • communicating urgent messages,
  • administrative assistance,
  • payout of an advance,
  • recovery and supplying of luggage,
  • supplying replacement objects of personal use.

Medical aid:

  • medical appointment,
  • coverage of the costs of treatment outside the place of residence,
  • medical evacuation/repatriation,
  • repatriation after medical treatment,
  • visit in connection with a sudden accident or disease,
  • room in a hotel for the time of recuperation,
  • transport of a dead body,
  • return of children left without care,
  • medical monitoring of a close relative of the insured,
  • supplying necessary medication.

Insurance package

Accident insurance in travel

Accident insurance during travel domestically and abroad up to 60 successive days for the Card Holder and all the persons living under the Card Holder's address (spouse and children up to 25 years). The Card Holder's family is also covered during travel without the Card Holder.

Delay / loss of luggage

Protection in the case of a delay of luggage for longer than 4 hours or its loss (delay over 48 hours) during travel. The insurance covers the cost of emergency purchases which the Card Holder had make for himself and travelling family members, if his luggage has not reached within 4 hours after arriving at the destination.

Delay of flight

Protection in the form of refunding the incurred expenditures on necessary purchases (meals, drinks, additional travel and accommodation costs), if one's trip is delayed by over 4 hours. The insurance covers the Card Holder and travelling family members.

Hospitalization abroad

The insurance covers daily compensation in the case of hospitalisation of the Card Holder and family members for a period up to 30 days which occurred during a foreign travel lasting up to 60 successive days. The Card Holder's family is covered also when travelling without the Card Holder.

Robbery of cash from the ATM

This insurance covers the return of the cash stolen in consequence of a robbery during a payout in an ATM or up to maximum 4 hours after the payout.

Insurance against unauthorised card use

The insurance protects you from the consequences of losing the card and its usage by an unauthorised person both domestically and abroad. If the card account was debited with transactions which were made by an unauthorised person within 72 hours prior to card stoppage, the Insurer will cover the loss up to 50 € (on a one-off basis). If the card account is charged above 50 € the difference will be compensated for by the Bank.

How to get

Do you want to check the offer? Write to us.

Private Banking Line

801 115 115

How to restrict

Just call one of the special phone numbers below:

+48 22 598 41 14 - blocking all the cards of Bank Millennium (available 7/24)
801 115 115 - Private Banking Line fixed line calls and mobile
+48 22 598 40 41 - Private Banking Line mobile and international calls