You can get up to 23,99% on the investment scale (7,99% per year)

You need only 1000 PLN to open a structured deposit Przyszłość Turystyki I

About structured deposits

Structured deposits are products, which combine features of a term deposit (100% protection of capital applies during to the entire duration of the product) and investments on financial markets (a chance to have gains higher than standard interest rate on deposits). They exploit the opportunities on many markets and they're an excellent tool for portfolio diversification:

  • 100% of capital protection for the entire duration of the structured deposit
  • indirect access to the local and foreign FX, shares, commodities or goods markets
  • interest rate depends on value of underlying instrument identified in Structured Deposit T&C, which may be i.a. currency, commodities, shares, market indices

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Przyszłość Turystyki I
Subscription period
01.04.2021 r. – 04.05.2021 r.
Interest rate during subscription
0,01% per annum
Investment tenor
05.05.2021 r. – 30.04.2024 r.
Possible interest rate during the investment
up to 23.99% on the entire investment
Guaranteed interest rate during investment period
No guaranteed interest rate
Minimum amount
1000 PLN
Type of underlying instrument
Airbnb Inc. company shares

How to open

Online application

If you are not our Client, open Konto 360° account online.

If you are our Client, open deposit in Millenet.

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