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Log in to Patient Online Account using a Trusted Profile and check your and your family's health information

What is a Trusted Profile?

Trusted Profile gives you online access to public administration webistes (e.g. ePUAP, PUE ZUS, CEIDG). What you can do with a Trusted Profile:

  • Online applications

    Submit official declarations, applications and sign documents online.

  • Identity Card

    Report a loss or damage of a personal identity card.

  • Health insurance

    Apply for an European Health Insurance Card.
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  • Business activity

    Register a business entity.

  • Registry Office

    Get copies of registry office records (certificate of marriage, birth, death).

  • Driving license

    Check your penalty points and apply for a replacement driving licence.
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  • Patient Online Account

    Check your medical appointments history, information on purchased medicines and receive your prescriptions electronically.
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How to create a Trusted Profile

  1. 1

    Log in to Millenet
    From main menu select MilleAdministration > Trusted Profile.

  2. 2

    Verify data
    Make sure all your personal details are correct.

  3. 3

    Confirm the data with the SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorisation. You will receive an e-mail from ePUAP confirming that your Trusted Profile has been created.

Who can create a Trusted Profile?

Trusted Profile can be created by any person who:

  • confirmed their identity in any Bank Millennium branch by presenting an identity document with a PESEL number (e.g. upon opening a current account)
  • has a current account at Bank Millennium
  • has active SMS P@sswords or uses Mobile Authorisation
  • is of legal age and has a PESEL number assigned

Take advantage of the online tax payment option

Check and accept the tax return prepared for you by the tax office. No need to provide a personal identity number (PESEL) or income from previous years.

Log in to e-Urząd Skarbowy service using the Trusted Profile.

After logging in, you can see, approve with one click, reject or edit the tax return prepared for you.
link opens in a new browser tab See Twój e-PIT

Order EHIC

Using Trusted Profile, apply for EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) allows you to receive medical treatment in European Union member states and EFTA members (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland).

You can apply for the Card if you are a business or leisure traveller, or if you are a student studying abroad. You can collect the Card in person in selected National Health Fund (NFZ) branch office or have the Card mailed to you.

Apply for EHIC online

Check penalty points through Trusted Profile

Do you drive? Through Trusted Profile you can check your penalty points, quickly and free-of-charge. Additionally, at any time you can verity the date and place of the offence, vehicle information, driver’s data and the amount of the so-called temporary penalty points.

  • Go to public services and information website opens in a new window.
  • Sign an instruction to access information by means of an SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorisation – the stauts of your penalty points will be displayed automatically.
  • Sign an instruction to access information by means of an SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorisation – the stauts of your penalty points will be displayed automatically.

On the same website you can also apply for a replacement driving licence.

Check your penalty points here

Patient Online Account

Using a Trusted Profile, log in to Patient Online Account (IKP) and check information about your health, your children's health and the people who entitled you to do so:

  • Go to opens in a new window website.
  • Log in to your Patient Online Account (IKP) using a Trusted Profile.
  • Check the history of medical appointments financed by National Health Fund (NFZ), information on purchased medicines, recommended methods of their use and doses, as well as the future results of medical examinations and documentation. In addition, thanks to Patient Online Account, you will receive all e-prescriptions via SMS or e-mail and purchase every medicine in any pharmacy without losing your refund.

Frequently asked questions

  • ePUAP Trusted Profile (Trusted Profile) is a set of data the purpose of which is to identify and describe the user of ePUAP account (Polish Electronic Platform for Public Administration Services). The user may create (confirm) a Trusted Profile through Millenet e-banking system. Trusted Profile gives 24/7 online access to selected public administration services. It constitutes a free of charge alternative to a qualified electronic signature, and allows to submit and sign documents online on e-administration websites.

  • Yes, you will not be charged for creating and using a Trusted Profile neither by Bank Millennium (Bank) nor public administration institutions.

  • No, using a Trusted Profile is entirely voluntary. The sole purpose of the Trusted Profile is to facilitate the access to public administration services.

  • Trusted Profile gives you access to numerous public administration websites, including:

    • ePUAP – Electronic Platform for Public Administration Services
    • PUE ZUS – Electronic Services Platform of the Polish Social Insurance Institution
    • CEIDG – Business Activity Central Register and Information Record
    • – information platform concerning public services
    • – information platform for entrepreneurs
    • – platform of Ministry of Health
    • Krajowy Rejestr Karny (National Criminal Register) – platform of the Ministry of Justice
    • Emp@tia – platform of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy
    • Krajowa Informacja Podatkowa (Bureau of National Tax Information)
    • Regional e-administration platforms


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