Information for customers who have mortgage and home equity loans in Swiss francs

Bank Millennium prepared a variety of solutions available to borrowers who have mortgage loans in Swiss francs:

  • Application of negative LIBOR in determining the interest rate on the mortgage loan (since 01.01.15),
  • Spread reduction to 3% for CHF used in settlement of CHF loan-related transactions,
  • Additional payment to an instalment when the negative reference rate exceeds the spread,
  • The possibility of converting currency of the loan to PLN with the use of simplified procedure - you want to know more, call us at: +48 22 598 40 60,
  • Loan holiday ie. the possibility to suspend of loan payment for 1 month,
  • Possibility of extending loan tenor,
  • Grace on repayment of capital.

Please be advised that in case of changes where it is necessary to sign an annex to the loan agreement, we will not charge any fees.

We hope that the above solutions will make loan service easier for you.

Interest rate and rules of its calculation on mortgage loans in the second quarter of 2020

As of January 1st 2015 we have been reflecting the negative value of LIBOR reference rate when calculating interest rate on CHF mortgage loans. Each update of interest rate on mortgage loans in CHF is made in keeping with terms and conditions stipulated in the loan agreement, with consideration of proper LIBOR.

The interest rate on residential loans indexed to CHF taken after 1 January 2005 is changed every quarter. Therefore in the second quarter 2020 the LIBOR rate used for calculation of the interest rate is -0,6554%.

The next update of interest rate shall be on 1 July 2020.

To find out what the reference rate used for calculating the interest rate on your loan is, please choose the date of signing your loan agreement. Check


Additional information about servicing of mortgage loans can be obtained:

  • From our mortgage product specialists. They are ready to answer your questions from Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. at: +48 22 598 40 60,
  • Via TeleMillennium at 801 333 333,
  • In Millennium branches.