We have a solution for large expenses

Benefit from our Home Equity Loan which you may use for any purpose

Credit cost and legal note

What you gain

Home Equity Loan is a perfect solutions for property owners:

  • 0% commission for loan granting and earlier repayment (APR 10.19%)
  • financing up to 70% of property value
  • for our active Clients we offer margins lower by as much as 0,5%

Cost of loan and legal note

What you can spend the loan on

You can use Home Equity Loan for any purpose

  • major renovation
  • new car
  • summer house
  • plot of land
  • extension of the house
  • education
  • consolidation of its liabilities, including non-banking liabilities

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The target mortgage loan collateral at Bank Millennium are:
  • mortgage on residential property entered in the first place in favour of Bank Millennium
  • assignment of rights from the insurance policy against fire and other accidents
  • assignment of rights from the borrower’s life insurance policy with the Bank as the only beneficiary

Until mortgage is established a so-called interim loan collateral is established. At Bank Millennium a standard interim collateral is a commission for increased risk collected until the mortgage is established.