What you gain

Debt Consolidation Loan in Bank Millennium offers convenience and financial freedom:

  • 0% commission for granting the loan and earlier repayment (APR 11.42%)
  • one convenient instalment instead of many
  • flexible repayment period, from 3 to 30 years
  • financing up to 80% of property value
  • credit holidays once a year
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From 1 March 2023 we suspend the offer of mortgage loans with variable interest rate options for the entire life of the loan.

Mortgage loans with a periodically fixed interest rate for the first 5 years remain in our offer.

We are working on the implementation of a new mortgage loan offer based on the WIRON reference index.

Information about theWIRON benchmark

On September 27, 2022 on the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority the so-called Roadmap was published, which defines the basic assumptions of the process of replacing WIBOR and WIBID benchmarks with the WIRON index (Warsaw Interest Rate Overnight).

The Roadmap was developed and agreed upon by the so-called National Working Group on Benchmark Reform ('NGR'). The Group is made up of representatives of:

  • Ministry of Finance
  • National Bank of Poland
  • Polish Financial Supervision Authority
  • Banking Guarantee Fund
  • Polski Fundusz Rozwoju
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych
  • Banku Gospodarstwa Krajowego,
  • GPW Benchmark S.A.
  • banks
  • investment funds
  • insurance companies
  • and industry organizations associating financial market entities.

According to the Roadmap Schedule, the process of replacing WIBOR is to be spread over time:

  • from December 2022 banks may offer new financial products based on the WIRON benchmark, in parallel with products based on the WIBOR benchmark,
  • by the end of 2023, WIRON is to be gradually introduced into new contracts and financial instruments,
  • by the end of 2024 the benchmark revision process is to be completed. If this happens, after this time, mortgage loans based on WIBOR will not be available,
  • from the beginning of 2025 the WIBOR benchmark is to cease to be published.

This process is very complicated. There are many related elements in it. For this reason, the Roadmap and the dates indicated therein may change.

You can find the Roadmap here.link otwiera się w nowym oknie

More information about the planned replacement of the WIBOR benchmark by WIRON can be found at following websites:

  • Can you now take a mortgage from us based on the WIRON index

    Currently, we do not offer mortgages with interest rates based on the WIRON benchmark. Preparation of systems and operational processes in banks takes time. In our bank, we are working intensively on adapting IT systems, regulations and documents that will allow us to introduce the WIRON benchmark as soon as possible.

    We will inform you in advance about the date of introduction of WIRON.

  • How we will replace the WIBOR benchmark in your mortgage agreement with the new benchmark

    If in the future we are no longer able to use the WIBOR benchmark indicated in your contract due to the fact that it will cease to be published by the administrator, we will replace WIBOR in the contract with a new benchmark, in accordance with one of the following solutions:

    • if your contract contains an appropriate contingency clause in the event of ceasing to publish WIBOR - in the manner described in this clause,
    • if your contract does not contain an appropriate contingency clause and the Minister of Finance issues a regulation designating a replacement for the disappearing WIBOR benchmark - we will use the replacement index set out in this regulation (this will probably be the WIRON benchmark).


The target mortgage loan collateral at Bank Millennium are:

  • mortgage on residential property entered in the first place in favour of Bank Millennium
  • assignment of rights from the insurance policy against fire and other accidents
  • assignment of rights from the borrower’s life insurance policy with the Bank as the only beneficiary

Property insurance

Life insurance

Remember! The target loan collateral may be also a mortgage on the property other than that financed with the loan, owned by you or a third party.


List of required documents

  • For filing an application

    • Application for information about the loan Download
    • Documents confirming your identity (ID or passport)

  • Property documents

    • value estimate of the property
    • copy of the entry in the land and mortgage registry- applies to real estate securing the loan

    Additionally, if the loan is secured by a single-family home or by an undeveloped plot of land, the following may be required:

    • final occupancy permit, or – if the former is not required by law – certificate of the completion of the construction along with the information on the lack of objection lodged certified by relevant authorities, or the decision on the amount of real-estate tax
    • copy of the entry in land registry or copy of the survey map
    • certificate of copy from the entry in the local spatial development plan confirming real estate use classification

  • Documents for verification of credit capacity

    • Employment and income certificate Download
    • Employment and income certificate (English version) Download
    • Extracts from the current account for the period of the last 3 months

Price list and regulations

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Cost of loan and legal note


Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 11,42% and has been calculated with the assumption that the interest rate during the first 60-month fixed-rate period is 6,99% (as of 14.02.2023), while later the variable interest rate is 11,04 and WIBOR 6M is 7,31% (as of 31.01.2023). If at the time of APR calculation, the fixed interest rate is higher than the variable interest rate, then the APR calculation after the fixed rate period shall use the fixed interest rate. The total amount of the consolidation loan (net of loan-financed costs) is 202 859,00 PLN, total amount to be repaid by the consumer 633 152,85PLN, total cost of the consolidation loan 430 293,85 PLN (including: fee for loan approval 0 PLN, interest 407 377,62 PLN, fire and other accident insurance of the real property according to the offer available through the bank 8 932,00 PLN, life insurance according to the offer available through the bank 13 765,23 PLN, tax on civil law transactions 19 PLN and court charges for setting up the mortgage 200 PLN), loan tenor 25 years, loan instalment 1 869,81 PLN, number of instalments 319.

The calculation was made as of 14.02.2023 on a representative example, assuming that: the consolidation loan will be secured with a mortgage on a newly acquired real property worth 375 664,00PLN, loan margin is 4,05%, if you have a Millennium 360° account with us, which is credited every month with your salary or other net income and have a debit card with this account, and you make non-cash transactions with this card in the amount of at least 500 PLN per month. The Millennium 360° account is kept free of charge. The for service of the debit card or BLIK contactless payments is 0 PLN, if in the previous month i.a. you pay once with the card or by BLIK (if you are aged 18-26) or 5 times (if you are aged over 26).

Fees, commissions and interest rate are specified in the Mortgage/Home Equity Loan Price List. Details regarding principles and conditions of granting loans are stipulated in the Regulations on Lending to Individuals in Mortgage Banking in Bank Millennium S.A. The Regulations and the Price List are available in the Bank’s branches and on the www.bankmillennium.pl. website. Before granting a loan the Bank evaluates the Applicant’s credit capacity and worthiness on a case-by-case basis; in justified cases it may refuse to grant the loan.

The Customer may present, as security of the Bank’s receivables, real property or life insurance - not from the offer available via the Bank - under an insurance agreement concluded with an insurer from the list published by KNF. Granting a loan with LTV (total value of the mortgage loan to value of the real property securing the loan) above 80%, however no more than 90%, is possible only with additional security in the form of high LTV risk insurance.

A fixed interest rate shall remain valid for 5 years. During this period the principal and interest instalment amount of your loan will not change, because it does not depend on changes in a benchmark. There is the risk that during the fixed interest rate period your monthly payment may be temporarily higher than if it were calculated on the basis of the current WIBOR 6M reference rate, used as the benchmark in calculating a variable interest rate. If the maximum interest rate decreases during the fixed interest period, the fixed interest rate will not change during this period. After the end of a 5-year period you can choose to apply a periodically fixed interest rate (note: it may differ from the interest rate in the previous period) for a further period of 5 years (similarly in the following periods) or to apply a variable interest rate. When you were repaying your loan instalments at a fixed interest rate, the WIBOR 6M benchmark may have increased. This means that after the end of the fixed rate period your instalment may be higher, and the total cost of the mortgage loan will grow.

During the period when a variable interest rate is applied there is a risk of interest rate fluctuations. The risk of interest rate fluctuations means that if the WIBOR 6M reference rate increases the interest rate on the loan will be higher; the amount of the monthly principal and interest instalment will then increase and this in turn increases the cost of interest and thus the total cost of the mortgage loan. If the reference rate is zero or negative, the interest rate on the loan during this period will be equal to the Bank’s margin.