Merge your loans

Move your loans to us and get one low fixed instalment (APR 20.94%)

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About the loan

0% commission

No commission charged on the amount of liabilities you consolidate. We will also not charge a commission on the amount of additional funds for any purpose. RRSO is only 19.32% for a consolidation loan with insurance.

Time saving

Time saving

Combine your liabilities (e.g. credit card and overdraft debt, cash and car loans) and you can pay one convenient fixed instalment.

Information about the loan cost

Loan under protection

Loan under protection insurance will ensure comprehensive support for you and your family in numerous unexpected circumstances. You can use it easily and conveniently – when concluding loan agreement in a branch or Millenet. The premium is only 0.31% of the granted amount of the loan per month and is added to the loan. Thanks to the insurance you can get support in case:

  • critical illness
  • death
  • hospitalization caused by accident or sickness
  • serious illness or death
  • loss of work or death caused by accident
  • temporary incapacity to work or disability or covering costs of rehabilitation or rehabilitation equipment

Insurer will also allow you to receive second medical opinion in foreign medical facility

How to apply

Online application

If you are not our Client, contact us.

If you are our Client, apply in Millenet or in the mobile app.

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Required documents

Would you like to benefit from Consolidation Loan? Select a document according to your source of income.

  • Employment agreement / Contract of mandate / Author’s contract
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Retirement pension
  • Disability pension
  • Pre-retirement benefit

One of the options below:

  • annual tax return and a certificate from the Tax Office or a certificate from the ZUS/KRUS
  • revenue and expense ledger
  • confirmation of pension transfer for the last month
  • last pension payslip
  • last decision on indexation
  • last decision on pensionable remuneration
  • confirmation of disability pension transfer for the last month
  • last disability pension payslip
  • last decision on remuneration
  • decision on granting the disability retirement pension
  • confirmation of benefit transfer for the last month
  • last benefit payslip
  • last decision on remuneration
  • decision on granting the benefit