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Getting a quote and buying travel insurance for yourself and your loved ones in internet banking has never been easier.

Log in to Millenet and go to Investments & Insurances > New travel insurance:

  • Indicate where, when and with whom you travel
  • Select insurance package. You can add optional coverage (e.g. of baggage)
  • Select payment method (transfer or credit card) and confirm the purchase

That's it! Your policy and all essential insurance-related information will from now on be available in Millenet and mobile app.

What you gain?

Your insurance policy

With Millenet you will always have your insurance policy with you. Check or print your policy anytime.

You will also find all information and related documents in mobile app in My finance > Insurance.

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With Bank Millennium travel insurance you benefit from:

  • wide coverage in Europe and worldwide
  • easy purchase with just a few details to fill in and without creating new logins or passwords
  • instant 24/7 access to travel assistance while abroad


Scope of insurance packages and additional coverage

  • Medical expenses – what do they include?

    They include the organisation and coverage of necessary medical expenses and providing emergency medical aid by the Insurer in case of a sudden illness or accident while travelling. Under such insurance the Insurer covers among others the costs of medical appointments, exams, operations, hospitalization, as well as purchase of medication or dressings, if needed in connection with an injury or illness. The insurance also covers the reimbursement for medical rescue costs, e.g. helicopter or ambulance transport, and even costs of dental treatment or repair of glasses. It also covers assistance in cases of bodily injury or death as a result of a terrorist attack.

    The insurance also covers losses resulting from participating in recreational sports, such as cross-country skiing, cycling, running, beach volley-ball. But it does not cover losses resulting from participating in more risky sports (e.g. skiing, diving). In such cases one should buy extreme sports coverage

  • Travel assistance – what does it include?

    The Insurer provides, among other things, assistance in the event of loss or theft of documents, transportation and stay of a relative in the event of the Insured’s hospitalisation, or replacement driver, if the Insured's health condition does not allow him to drive.

    Moreover, the Insurer will organise transport after the completion of treatment to the place of lodging. If while travelling you need an interpreter in your contacts with the doctor, have to return to Poland due to a sudden illness of your relative or require a lawyer's assistance, you can count on the Insurer's help.

  • Third-party liability insurance in private life – what does it include?

    This insurance covers the Insured, his minor children and pets travelling with the Insured. In the event of personal injury or property damage the Insurer pays out compensation to the claimant.

    The insurance covers among others losses arising from:

    • using, possessing, or renting a house or a flat
    • flooding regardless of the Insured’s fault
    • possessing or using property, including property which was used by persons covered by the insurance under an agreement for a lease, rental, letting for use, leasing or another related legal relationship
    • caring for minor children
    • participating in recreational sports, using recreational boating equipment. If you buy extreme sports coverage, you are additionally covered for losses/damages resulting from participating in such sports
    • having pets (including those under the Insured's care)

  • Accident insurance – what does it include?

    It covers the consequences of accidents sustained while travelling, such as bodily injury causing a lasting health impairment or death. You will receive the payout, if you sustain lasting damage to your health during the trip (e.g. break your arm, impair your eyesight). In the case of the Insured’s accident-related death while travelling the payout will be made to his relatives.

    If you buy extreme sports coverage, you are additionally covered for losses/damages resulting from participating in such sports.

  • Luggage insurance – what does it include?

    Luggage insurance covers among others loss, destruction or damage to luggage while travelling. It covers the items taken for the trip which are owned by the Insured or have been rented by him.

    Luggage includes:

    • Clothing and other personal belongings
    • Movie and still camera
    • Mobile phone, tablet, notebook
    • Pram or wheelchair
    • Musical instruments
    • Jewellery
    • Cash
    • Suitcases, bags, rucksacks

    If you take sports equipment with you, buy additional coverage for it, because it is not included in the scope of your insured luggage.

    The Insurer will also reimburse you for the costs, if your luggage is delayed due to the carrier’s fault, and organize, as well as cover the costs of, sending your personal belongings, if they are lost or destroyed due to an incident.

  • Sports equipment insurance – what does it include?

    Sports equipment insurance covers among others loss, destruction or damage to sports equipment while travelling. It covers the sports equipment taken for the trip which is owned by the Insured or has been rented by them.

    The definition of sports equipment is very broad, as it covers any equipment connected with participation in recreational or extreme sports indicated in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

    The Insurer also covers the costs of renting sports equipment in a situation when:

    • The Insured loses his sports equipment or it is damaged to a degree preventing its use
    • There has been a delay in supplying the sports equipment to its destination of at least 12 hours by the carrier to whom the sports equipment was entrusted on the basis of an appropriate transport document.

  • Extreme sports coverage – what does it include?

    Extreme sports coverage is recommended to persons who while travelling are planning to participate in high-risk sports such as skiing, kitesurfing, or mountain biking. This insurance covers medical costs related to one’s participation in risky sports. If the event occurs while practising extreme sports, the Insurer will also cover losses resulting from damage to property, injury, disability, or death of another person and resulting from accidents.

  • Chronic illness coverage – what does it include?

    It includes medical expenses incurred due to an exacerbation of a chronic illness while travelling. It also covers third-party liability travel insurance and accident insurance. This means that if any of the events covered by these insurances happens due to an exacerbation of a chronic illness, the Insurer will pay out the benefit.

    A chronic illness is a condition characterized by a slow development and a long course of the disease, treated on a regular basis, or from time to time, within 12 months prior to concluding the insurance agreement, during which time there may occur periods of remission or exacerbation; the examples include asthma, diabetes, cancer, coronary artery disease, cardiovascular diseases, hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy.

    If the Insured suffers from a chronic illness, then they should buy this coverage. If his chronic illness aggravates, the Insurer will pay out compensation for the medical assistance, hospitalization, medical transportation which have been provided to the Insured due to the exacerbation of his chronic illness. In addition, the Insurer will also pay out accident insurance compensation, if the injury or death occurred in connection with an accident caused by chronic diseases, and also third-party liability compensation, if the loss/damage caused to a third party or property was related to an exacerbation of a chronic illness.

  • Car assistance – what does it include?

    It is intended for persons travelling by car in Europe, i.e. it covers insurance events and accidents which happened within the territory of the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey (European part), Ukraine, Vatican City, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Italy.

    It is important that the owner/co-owner of the vehicle or its everyday user be one of the travellers.

    Car assistance insurance includes the organization and coverage of the costs of assistance in the event of theft or immobilisation of a vehicle occurring as a result of any of the following events:

    1. vehicle breakdown
    2. collision of vehicles preventing further driving in accordance with the laws of the country in which the event occurred
    3. sudden contact of the vehicle with persons, animals or objects coming from outside of the vehicle
    4. fire, explosion, sinking or sudden act of natural forces
    5. vandalism / third party action
    6. discharge of the battery
    7. loss, damage or locking inside the car of the car keys (factory devices) used for opening and starting up the vehicle
    8. flat or damaged tyre
    9. being out of fuel or having wrong fuel in the vehicle tank as well as fuel freeze-up in the tank
    10. vehicle stuck in mud, sand, or snow, with the exclusion of off-road sports
    11. theft of vehicle parts

    Under the car assistance insurance the Insurer will cover the costs and organise the following services:

    1. on-the-spot repairs
    2. vehicle towing
    3. fuel delivery
    4. replacement car
    5. parking
    6. picking up the vehicle after repair
    7. continuation of travel/ return home
    8. lodging during the time of repair
    9. information assistance (help in reporting a loss, translation assistance in contacts with law enforcement, assistance in finding a car repair workshop).

    Car assistance insurance is offered for cars which:

    • do not have a steering wheel on the right side of the car
    • are not rented or hired
    • in the case of leased cars or company cars they will not be used for commercial purposes while travelling.

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Scope and durtion of coverage

  • Who is covered by the policy, when and where?

    The insurance covers the persons indicated by you when purchasing the policy (max. 10 persons). Their data are to be found on the policy.

    The start and end dates of the coverage are written on the policy. Coverage is provided subject to payment of the premiums.

    The territorial scope where the insurance coverage is provided is indicated on the policy and is consistent with what you indicated when you purchased your insurance. You have the choice of the following territorial scope: Europe, Worldwide (excl. USA, Canada, China and Japan), and Worldwide.

  • When does the coverage start?

    You are covered from the day indicated on the policy (00:00 hours), on condition of paying the premium. Your policy can be valid from the next day after purchasing, at the earliest – you cannot buy "same day insurance".

  • I’m going skiing – am I covered?

    To be covered by insurance while skiing, extend your protection to extreme sports. In the event of an accident, you can then count on the Insurer to cover the costs of the services, e.g. costs of medical rescue (medical evacuation) or medical expenses. Basic packages include recreational sports only, such as running, cycling, cross-country skiing.

  • Does the travel insurance also cover dental medical expenses?

    Yes, the insurance also covers dental treatment up to PLN 2000, as well as the purchase of prostheses, also up to PLN 2000.

  • Does the travel insurance also cover the effects of terrorist attacks?

    Yes, the Insurer shall be liable for the consequences of accidents resulting from acts of terrorism that occurred during the Insured's stay within the territory of a given country. Please note that the Insurer's liability survives no longer than until the end of the insurance period, but maximum up to the 7th day from the date of the act of terrorism. Protection is provided up to 50% of the sum insured of medical expenses and travel assistance.

    The insurance does not cover the countries which are subject, as of the day of concluding the insurance agreement, to travel warnings: "Do not travel" or "Leave Immediately" published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland on its official website, due to a risk of terrorist acts, warfare, martial law or state of emergency.

  • Does the insurance also cover refunds of the costs of a flight/ trip, if they are cancelled or delayed?

    No, this insurance does not cover such cases. However, if you are abroad and cannot return to your place of residence due to force majeure (such as a volcanic eruption), the Insurer will assist you in organising your repatriation and cover the cost of transportation and will cover the cost of food and accommodation until the transport is arranged - for a period no longer than 2 days.

  • Does my insurance also cover Poland?

    No, the insurance does not cover the territory of Poland.

  • Are the overseas territories of European countries (e.g. Azores, Canary Islands) included in the region of Europe, or do I have to take out Worldwide insurance?

    Overseas territories of the European countries are included in the region of Europe.

  • I suffer from a chronic illness (e.g. diabetes), am I covered?

    Remember that basic insurance packages do not cover the consequences of chronic illness exacerbations or chronic illness-related events (for example, if you cause an accident resulting from a heart attack due to your chronic illness). If you suffer from such an illness, expand your coverage by including chronic diseases. Then you will be able to count on the Insurer to cover the costs of the benefits.

  • Does the insurance cover tropical diseases?

    Yes, the insurance covers tropical diseases.

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Purchase and payment (how, where and for whom you can buy insurance)

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Making a claim and claim adjustment

  • Making a claim and claim adjustment

    If you have an accident or get sick while travelling, contact the Insurer at 58 558 73 00.

    You can also use the option of fast contact with the Insurer through the Bank Millennium mobile application, available offline (without an Internet connection). A text message will be sent to the Insurer with a request to call you back and the particulars of your location, so that you can get help faster. In addition, you will reduce the cost of your calls, because it will be the Insurer who will call you.

    Your loss can be reported 24/7.

  • What documents, if any, do I have to submit to obtain compensation?

    At the time of filing a claim, the Insurer will inform you what documents are necessary to handle your claim. In the case of medical expenses and travel assistance, and accident travel insurance you need to present:

    1. the medical decision or diagnosis, and other documents stating the reasons for and scope of the medical assistance provided;
    2. the bills or proof of their payment.

  • How long does it take to pay out the compensation once a claim has been filed?

    In the case of a claim under medical expenses and travel assistance the Emergency Centre will indicate the medical facility which is the nearest to the place where you are, where the non-cash settlement of the claim can be made, which means that you will not need to pay the necessary medical expenses. In such a situation the claim is immediately settled and you do not incur any costs.

    If the medical facility indicated by the Emergency Centre is too far for you and another medical facility is closer to your current place of residence, the Emergency Centre will indicate it to you and make an appointment. In such a situation:

    1. if the cost of the appointment does not exceed PLN 1200, the Insurer shall reimburse you for the incurred costs at the latest within 24 hours from providing the service by the medical facility.
    2. if the costs of the appointment are higher than PLN 1200, you will need to cover them yourself, and then settle with the Insurer. You will be reimbursed for the cost of the service within 30 days from informing the Insurer and passing on the required documents.

    Compensation for losses under third-party liability insurance in private life, accident travel insurance, luggage insurance or sports equipment insurance shall be paid out within 30 days from the Insurer’s receiving of the report about the event and the required documentation.

Amendments and incorrect details on the policy

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Withdrawing from the contract and making a complaint

  • Can I withdraw from the insurance agreement?

    You can withdraw from the insurance agreement:

    1. In the case of an insurance agreement concluded for a period shorter than 30 days: not later than the day before the coverage commences. You will then receive a full refund.
    2. In the case of an insurance agreement concluded for a period longer than 29 days: within 30 days from concluding the insurance agreement. In such a situation you are entitled to a refund of the premium for the unused period of coverage. Such refund will be made directly by the Insurer.

  • How can I withdraw from the insurance agreement?

    The Policy Holder may submit his withdrawal:

    • using the individual account on: (you will be texted the login data)
    • using the form on the website:
    • by calling 58 558 73 00
    • by writing to the address of the Insurer’s head office
    • at the Insurer’s representative office

  • How can I file a complaint?

    Complaints can be filed:

    • through the individual account on;
    • using the form on:;
    • by calling: 58 558 73 00;
    • by writing to the address of Sopockie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń ERGO Hestia SA, ul. Hestii 1, 81-731 Sopot;
    • verbally or in writing at the Insurer’s office or the Insurer’s representative office.

    The response to a complaint will be sent within 30 days of its receiving in writing or via another durable medium of information or by email. In particularly complicated cases which make it impossible to process and respond to the complaint within the time limit set forth above, the response will be sent within 60 days from the day of receipt. The person submitting the complaint will be informed of the reason for the delay, the circumstances that need to be established for the consideration of the case and the expected date of considering the complaint and responding to it.

  • Can I cancel my trip for any reason and recover the full amount paid for the travel?

    Cancellation of travel is not covered by the insurance.

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Additional information

"Travel assistance" widget, available in Bank Millennium mobile application with travel insurance, has been awarded with Efma-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Award 2018 in Claims Management category, as well as with the Global Finance's The Innovators 2018 award.

Insurance cover is provided under individual travel insurance by STU ERGO Hestia SA with head office in Sopot. For detailed terms and conditions of insurance cover as well as the full list of Insurer’s liability exclusions and limitations see Terms and Conditions of Travel Insurance for Customers of Bank Millennium, Insurance Agent information, Product Card concerning the travel insurance and insurance product information document, respectively, available on

The Insurance Agreement shall be concluded by the Customer with the Insurer via Bank Millennium SA (hereinafter: “the Bank”), acting in the capacity of insurance agent for a few insurance companies. The Bank is listed under No. 11162860/A in the Register of Insurance Agents kept by Polish Financial Supervision Authority ( Detailed information about the Bank’s activity as insurance agent required by the Act on insurance distribution, including fee information, principles for filing claims and complaints, and out-of-court settlement of disputes can be found in the Insurance Agent information and Product Card concerning this insurance.

The travel insurance is addressed to the Bank’s clients who hold with the Bank current account or credit card together with active access to the Bank’s Millenet online banking or Mobile Application. Medical and Assistance Insurance, NNW (casualty) Travel Insurance and Third-Party Liability Travel Insurance may be purchased only in a package. The Baggage Insurance, Sports Equipment Insurance and Car Assistance Insurance cannot be purchased as a separate product and may be purchased only together with the aforementioned insurance package.

Messages, including text (SMS) and PUSH messages, sent and made available by the Bank to promote travel insurance constitute marketing information.