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Code’n’Quality Conference

How to write good quality code was widely discussed during the Code'n'Quality conference organized by employees of the IT area at Bank Millennium.

The organizers of the meeting made sure not only to appreciate this often marginalized subject in the environment, but also to allow its participants to learn about techniques and tools that allow to increase the effectiveness of codes they create.

Speakers at the conference were Roman Głogowski and Marcin Grzesiak from Bank Millennium and Marcin Grzejszczak and Konrad Kokosa, external experts known in the IT environment.

Entering the next level, launching thinking about quality at the early stages of software development - these are the main goals of the meeting, during which the speakers shared their experiences from their long-standing work as programmers, architects and system analysts.

The experts tried to show that the quality of the code in the software development process is of enormous importance and value, which translates into specific benefits for the bank and the client.

- The quality of customer solutions provided by the bank is very important to us, which is why a well-designed code is a guarantee of efficiency and no disruptions in the operation of our websites and applications that the customer always has access to - Marcin Grzesiak from Bank Millennium, one of the speakers, argued.

Experts give many valuable and specific tips and have shown some good coding practices that apply in the banking environment. The conference participants got acquainted, among others, with effective tools that support the key stage in the process of testing.

During the conference, tools were also discussed that make it easier to write code in such a way that an application or service works without interruptions and is friendly and safe for the user, which was emphasized in conversations about functionality and performance.

The Code'n'Quality conference at Bank Millennium is a meeting thanks to which IT staff have the opportunity to improve their skills, update knowledge, exchange experiences and discuss in order to provide clients with better and better solutions that the Bank Millennium is famous for.