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Code’n’Quality Conference

Usually it is only when we pay for our mistakes that we realise how much they cost. Move up to a higher level and be a programmer with imagination. Realise how important it is to think about quality in the early stages of software development. A mind-set change is crucial; however its success also depends on the skill of using appropriate techniques and tools. During the conference our speakers will share their experience working for many years as programmers as well as system architects and analysts.

We will explain why tests in the coding stage are of key importance in the development cycle. We will talk about techniques, which will help improve the quality of your applications. You will learn about tools to support testing, especially in the context of integration tests. Also a handful of tips and best practices will be shared to facilitate writing high quality code. Last but not least we will discuss automation of security testing – after all we will be meeting in a bank.

See you at the Bank Millennium SA Head Office (Stanisława Żaryna 2a street).
Main entrance - conference reception on the left at the windows.

Important: Registration starts at. 10.30!
Required identity document!

10:30 – 11:00 – Registration (ID required)
11:00 – 11:05 – Welcome
11:05 – 12:05 – Marcin Grzejszczak: Contract tests in the company
12:05 – 12:20 – coffee break
12:20 – 13:20 – Konrad Kokosa: Code quality inside out
13:20 – 14:20 – lunch break (food trucks at the organizer's cost
14:20 – 15:20 – Marcin Grzesiak: A bit of automation in application security testing
15:20 – 15: 35 – coffee break
15:35 – 16:35 – Roman Głogowski: I hate bug fixings


Marcin Grzejszczak

Presentation subject:
Contract Tests in the Enterprise

Description of the presentation:
Is your legacy application talking to a service that is never up and running on your shared testing environment? Does your company waste a lot of time and money on regression testing only to see that, yet again, someone has created a typo in the API? Enough is enough. Time to fix this problem using contract tests! In this presentation you’ll see how to migrate a legacy application to work with stubs of external applications. We’ll show different ways of increasing your test reliability by writing adding contract tests of your API. You’ll see the difference between producer and consumer driven contracts.


Author of "Mockito Instant" and "Mockito Cookbook" books. Contributor to several open source projects (including Rest-assured, Drools, Moco, Mockito). Co-author of the Groovy @Builder, "micro-infra-spring", "AccuREST" open source solutions. Author of Uptodate Gradle plugin, Spock subjects-collaborators extension and gradle-test-profiler open source projects. Co-founder of the Warsaw Groovy User Group. Currently working on the Spring Cloud project.

Roman Głogowski, Bank Millennium

Presentation subject:
I hate bug fixings

Description of the presentation:
I love coding. I love creating new classes, extending existing solutions, creating new lov level mechanisms that extends framework that I'm using. It's really nice to see that application I developed is working as designed. On the other hand I hate fixing bugs - it's waste of time and it's really frustrating as bugfixing is made just before release. During presentation I will try to share my thoughts about technics that will help you avoid bug fixing or make it simpler.


Solution architect in Bank Millennium, developer and huge fan of .NET Core. Loves design patterns and issues related to application monitoring.

Konrad Kokosa

Presentation subject:
Code quality inside out.

Description of the presentation:
What really is good code quality? Does it mean good coverage with unit tests? Is it about readability and extensibility? Perhaps the compliance with the established architecture? Or maybe it should be a safe and efficient code? And if all of the above, what is more and what is less important? In this presentation, we will reflect on these questions and try to find a universal answer. We will see examples of good code and bad code and how this boundary is hard to define.


Programming for over a dozen years, solving performance problems and architectural puzzles in the .NET world, speeding up web applications. Independent consultant, blogger, speaker and a fan of Twitter. He also shares his passion as a trainer at Bottega IT Solutions in the area of .NET, especially about application performance and diagnostics. Founder of the Warsaw Web Performance group. Microsoft MVP in the Visual Studio and Development Tools category.

Marcin Grzesiak, Bank Millennium

Presentation subject:
A bit of automation in application security testing

Description of the presentation:
Attackers have to find just one attack vector to succeed. Defenders have to find all of them. With this presentation I want to share the practical approach of how we implemented Secure Software Development Lifecycle in Bank Millennium, based on automated security scans of our applications.


IT engineer with passion for software development. Became software security engineer in Bank Millennium on early 2017. Every day deals with approach of Secure Software Development Lifecycle, especially supported with vulnerability detection by static code analysis.

All materials will be in English. The lectures will be in Polish with an available English translator.

For all conference participants, the organizer has prepared interesting gadgets.