Flooded flat, refrigerator broke down, main doors locked and blocked… This things happen without warning and always when we do not expect it, when we are deeply involved in every day chores. You cannot foresee them but you can be prepared.

Professional help

Quick reaction is the most important. One telephone is enough and the Bank will organise necessary help from a locksmith, plumber, electrician, household appliances serviceman, roof maker or repairmen to take care of faulty home appliances, and if your main doors are broken – also security to protect your assets.

Covering repair costs

It costs money to repair things. Usually, these are small amounts but flooding of a flat can be a serious matter and you will have to wait for insurer to pay damages. In these circumstances, immediate access to additional cash will come useful.

Tailor-made products to meet your needs


Increases available funds on your account without the need to declare purpose of the borrowing. You can use overdraft in any way and at any time you like.

Credit card

Provides financial freedom and many practical privileges. When using the card to pay, you can use interest-free credit for up to 51 days.

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