About the card

Convenience and availability

  • Cashless payments are supported in Poland and worldwide.
  • payWave - fast and convenient contactless payments.*
  • Cash Back - free cash withdrawal in a shop or other non-ATM location when paying with the Visa card.
  • The card can be used for Internet payments.
  • You can check your card account balance at any time - via the Internet, with a text message or in an ATM.

Attractive discounts

  • Rebates at close to 1000 merchants in the "Inspirations" benefits programme.


  • The Pakiet Bezpieczeństwa service.
  • Spending control in shops thanks to daily limits you select.
  • The highest available safety level for online card transactions - thanks to the 3D-Secure service.


* Concerns cards issued from 25.01.2016 r.

More information about the cards is also available in the User Guide.

Visa Cash Back

When you pay with Visa debit card for your purchases at points of sales marked Visa Cash Back you can also withdraw cash up to PLN 300.

Cash Back is a service which allows Millennium Bank Visa debit card cardholders easy cash withdrawal (up to PLN 300) in Poland, such as supermarket, gas station or in another shop on the occasion of purchasing.

Just tell the seller that you want to withdraw cash.

Cash Back service is a:

  • convenient form of cash withdrawal on the occasion of purchasing,
  • time saver - no need to look for an ATM to withdraw cash,
  • service completely free of charge.

Inspirations programme

Paying with a Millennium cards in stores as well as various service outlets you can enjoy attractive rebates. Currently there are close to 1000 merchants who will give you the rebate!


Debit card
Fee for issuing payment card PLN 0
Fee for debit card service – monthly fee PLN 0
Cash withdrawal
In Poland in all ATMs PLN 0
In ATMs abroad accepting cards, including cross-border cash payment transaction with debit card 2,5% min PLN 9
POS Purchases
Commission for POS purchase transactions PLN 0

Full debit cards price list is available in Price Lists and Regulations.

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