About the insurance

Travel Documents and Concierge is free of charge insurance for holders of Konto Prestige World, who have active Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny insurance.

To get insurance assistance or concierge services it takes just one call to Europ Assistance Alert Centre: +48 22 203 75 00.

If you lose documents in result of theft, burglary or robbery when travelling in Europe and this makes it impossible for you to return to Poland by plane, train or coach, the insurer will provide the following up to the sums insured specified in T&C:

  • Accommodation with meals abroad (up to 5 days),
  • Organise and pay for cost of transport to Poland, country of permanent stay, country of residence,
  • Cover the cost of transport to an embassy or consulate.

Moreover you will get help in filling-out applications for new documents, for a BIK report (to check if no one used you data to take a loan) and will get a refund of costs involved with issuing new identity documents as well as payment cards.

Concierge services include support in arranging household and family services (e.g. cleaning, repairs, child care), leisure, entertainment, hobby, travel and automotive, health and beauty, image creation, investment. The concierge consultant will also arrange receptions and business meetings and will also keep your personal schedule.

Upon you request the consultant will book i.a. opera or F1 racing tickets, a flight in a military jet, diving lessons, kids’ party, a doctor’s visit, styling session, a trip to a Spa or meeting with a star.

The cost of concierge services (except organisation) shall be covered each time by the Person Insured and it will be presented to him for authorisation by phone prior to service delivery. Moreover the Europ Assistance Alert Centre shall endeavour to provide also other services not mentioned in T&C.

Concierge services are delivered worldwide. Provision of these services involves terms and conditions specified by Europ Assistance Alert Centre on a case-by-case basis and approved by the Customer.

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