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General information

Credit cards are a convenient and secure way to make everyday payments.

You will pay by them for shopping and services in Poland and abroad. What is more, in the case of Impresja credit cards you benefit from up to 51 days without interest for all payments in stores and online (APR 12.01%). It's easy - if you repay the entire debt by the date stated on the billing statement, you will also pay no interest. Remember to pay off the minimum amount which is 5% of a debt once a month and to pay fees.

Credit card can be also used for ATM withdrawals and quick transfers from the card account to your current account (obligation to pay fees)

Offer details, including the rules for using a credit card as well as information about payments, are stipulated in the Regulations for Credit Cards Issued by Bank Millennium SA, as well as the Price List – Credit Cards, available herelink opens in a new window and in the Bank's branches.

Credit limit

  • Together with the card you get a credit limit. The limit is the maximum amount you can spend with the card, inclusive of all transactions and any fees as well as potential interest.
  • Bank will generate a billing statement - a listing of all transactions done and cleared in the month. In this way you will know how much you have spent and by when it should be repaid.
  • You can repay all or part of the spent money (the minimum payment is 5%). When you pay off your card debt, you automatically renew your credit limit.
  • It is most convenient to repay the utilised money from your personal account in Millennium (automatic card repayment). You can also make a transfer from another bank or pay-in cash to the card account in any Millennium branch.

Supplementary card

Supplementary card

A supplementary card is issued upon request of the holder of the main card and it is available to persons aged over 13.

Transactions done with the supplementary card debit the main card account and the supplementary cardholder will use the main card limit. As holder of the main card you will decide about the amount of daily limits for non-cash and cash transactions on the supplementary card.

How to restrict

Lost or stolen card should be restricted immediately. Call one of the special numbers:

  • +48 22 598 41 14

    blocking all the cards of Bank Millennium (available 7/24)

  • 801 331 331

    TeleMillennium fixed line calls and mobile

  • +48 22 598 40 40

    TeleMillennium mobile and international calls

    (fee in accordance with the operator's tariff)

You can also restrict your card online in Millenet or the mobile app.
Remember about a possibility of temporary card block - you can do it conveniently in the mobile app.

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