A secure card means secure finances

Try a temporary card block – with just one click in the mobile app

About the service

You can always use a temporary block when you are worry that you card is not secure, e.g. when you leave it somewhere for a while (a wallet/bag in the locker room at the pool, gym or hairdresser) or go to a concert. Then you can quickly and conveniently block the card in the mobile app and simply unlock whenever you need to. Temporary block makes it impossible to make payments with a card, including online, mobile contactless and ATM withdrawals.

Thanks to the temporary card block:

  • you can be sure that your funds are safe, even if you leave your card in the room
  • you can use the service repeatedly and at any time
  • you can block any type of card: debit, credit, pre-paid, including main and additional cards

How does it work?

  1. 1
    How does it work? -

    Use the shortcut Temporary Card Blockage and choose the card you want to block.

  2. 2
    How does it work? -

    Hit the button Block temporarily.

  3. 3
    How does it work? -

    That's it! Your card is secure. To unlock it, you need to enter P@ssword 1.


  • Enabling the temporary block does not mean that you card has been restricted irrevocably. You can use a temporary block when you want to block a card for a certain period of time, e.g. when you go to a mass event or you leave it somewhere for a moment. However, the restriction of the card is permanent and irreversible. It always results in sending a new card. If you are sure that your card is lost, stolen, or notice any unauthorised charges, you should restrict it immediately (in the mobile app, in Millenet, via TeleMillennium, or in the branch) and report the matter to the police. Only then you are entitled to protection against unauthorized transactions.

  • The temporary card block feature is available for active debit, credit and pre-paid cards, including main and additional cards.

  • Card block will temporarily stop all future card transactions. After you enable the service, you cannot:

    • pay by card at stores or other service points;
    • use a mobile contactless payments with a virtual card;
    • pay for online shopping by providing card details (number, expiration date, CVV / CVC code);
    • deposit and withdraw money from an ATM and CDM using the card.

    However, during the temporary card block, you can make a transfer from your account via Millenet or mobile app (including own transfer, BLIK, domestic, foreign, tax), as well as deposit and withdraw money from an ATM using the BLIK code (available in the mobile app).

  • The block time is not limited. You can block the card for a moment or for the end of its validity. However, please note that standard card and insurance fees apply for the duration of the block, according to the price list.

  • You can use the temporary card block as many times as you want. You can turn the block on and off at any moment in our mobile app.

  • If you try to make a transaction with a blocked card, you'll be notified by SMS or in the mobile app. The block can then be quickly removed, e.g. you can use the widget before login in the mobile app and then complete the transaction.