Quick loan with fixed installment and 0 PLN commission (APR 12.67%)

Get it online in special offer for new customers

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Online cash loan in promotion (APR 12.67%)

Special benefits for new customers:

  • apply for a cash loan completely online
  • borrow without visiting a branch from 1,000 to 40,000 PLN
  • 0% commission for granting the loan online
  • repay in fixed instalments
  • you decide how long you will pay back - instalments from 6 to 70 months
  • you can choose a secure online loan with insurance against job loss or illness

Promotion lasts from 1 July 2023 till 27 October 2023. Details in "Pożyczka online dla nowych klientów" promotion regulationsfor: Cashloanlink opens in a new window - in Polish.
Credit cost and legal note

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3 quick steps to have a loan on your account

  1. 1
    3 quick steps to have a loan on your account -

    Fill in your loan application online

    Fill in your personal details and select your loan details. Specify how much you want to borrow and how long you want to repay - from 6 to 70 months.

    link opens in a new browser tab Submit your application Cash loan

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    3 quick steps to have a loan on your account -

    Confirm your income without leaving home

    Use the secure option of providing access to your history from your account in other bank. You can use this form of verification if your salary from an employment contract is paid to one of these banks: Alior Bank, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, Bank Santander, BNP Paribas, VeloBank, PKO BP or Bank Pekao S.A.

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    3 quick steps to have a loan on your account -

    Accept the agreement online and use the money

    Fill in the remaining necessary details to score your lending capacity When you receive a positive decision, read and accept the loan agreement conveniently online. We will transfer the loan to your newly opened Millennium 360° account. Log in to your account on our website or download our bank's mobile app and use your new funds right away.

Insure your loan online

Attractive insurance Loan under protection will ensure comprehensive support for you and your family in numerous unexpected circumstances.

If, at the day of concluding the insurance agreement, you are under 65, the insurance is available to you in Option 1 and will provide support in such situations as:

  • critical illness
  • death
  • hospitalization caused by accident or sickness
  • loss of work or death caused by accident
  • temporary incapacity to work or disability or covering costs of rehabilitation or rehabilitation equipment

Insurer will also allow you to receive second medical opinion in foreign medical facility

  • What is important, you do not have to choose the risks. Insurance package in Option 1 offers coverage in all the above events and changes automatically depending on your professional situation and current pension/disability pension entitlement.

    Should any of the above unexpected circumstances occur, the Insurer will pay for you:

    • up to 12 instalments if you lose work;
    • up to 6 instalments if you are taken to hospital as a result of accident, or sickness;
    • even 36 instalments if you are temporarily unfit for work;
    • 50% of the your part of granted loan amount (including credited insurance commission and insurance premium) in case of death due to accident*;
    • Whole your part of granted loan amount (including credited insurance commission and insurance premium)*;
    • granted loan amount (including credited insurance commission and insurance premium), and additional amount of 25 000 PLN in case of falling ill with one of serious diseases*;
    • Up to 5000 PLN in case of covering rehabilitation costs or up to 1000 PLN in case of covering rehabilitation costs.

    Insurers will also organize and cover the costs of second medical opinion

    * If you conclude insurance contract during loan repayment Insurers will pay the insurance benefit amount equal to your part of loan balance at the day of insurance contract conclusion, accordingly to loan payment schedule.

    The conclusion of the insurance contract is simple and convenient - it takes place during the conclusion of a cash loan agreement, and insurance protection begins the day after the loan is launched. The insurance premium is only 0.31% of the granted loan amount per month and for your convenience it is added to the loan amount. Find out more about the insurance


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