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  • first payments - pay by card, mobile or BLIK at least 3 times
  • consents - while applying, give your consent to receive commercial information

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500+ for Ukrainian citizens

Family 500+ benefit for Ukrainian citizens is the funds granted and paid by ZUS to Ukrainian citizens who came legally from Ukraine to Poland after 23 February 2022 in connection with hostilities.
We have already made the application available in Millenet in MilleAdministration tab – both in Polish and Ukrainian. Soon, the application will also be available in the mobile app.

The application may be submitted by:

  • parent (mother or father) of the child
  • temporary guardian of a child on the basis of a Polish court decision
  • a person having custody of a child on the basis of a Polish court decision

To apply through a bank, you must:

  • have a PESEL number and the child for which you are applying for the benefit must have a PESEL number
  • live in Poland

To submit the application, prepare:

  • PESEL numbers (yours and your children)
  • details of children for whom you are applying for a child benefit
  • a travel document on the basis of which you and the child crossed the border
  • child's birth certificat
  • a document confirming the legality of the foreigner's stay in Poland
  • a document confirming the legality of the foreigner's stay in Poland a court order to appoint the applicant as a temporary guardian

Important notice!
You cannot apply for 500+ child benefit if you are a temporary guardian on the basis of a Polish court decision for a child who was placed in an orphanage in Ukraine before coming from Ukraine to Poland.
The application on your behalf should be submitted by the district starost or an authorized employee of the poviat organizational unit. The child benefit will be paid to the poviat's bank account and transferred to you by the poviat in kind or in the form of payment for services.
For more information, contact the poviat or municipal family support center appropriate for your place of stay in Poland.

Detailed rules for granting 500+ benefit can be found at and in the Act of February 11, 2016 on state aid in raising children and the Act of March 12, 2022 on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with an armed conflict in the territory of this country.

About Family 500+ programme

Family 500+ programme is a childcare benefit for all children up to the age of 18, regardless of income received by the family:

  • the programme offers support for every family, also for single-parents
  • the funds are paid our regularly, every month until the child completes 18 years of age

Key information

On 1 February 2023, in the mobile app and Millenet we added the application form for future benefit period lasting from 1 June 2023 to 31 May 2024.

The payment of 500+ benefit depends on the month in which the application form is submitted. If you send the application:

  • till 30 April 2023 – you will receive the benefit for June till 30 June 2023 (which guarantees the continuity of the benefit payment from the first month of the new period)
  • from 1 May to 31 May 2023 – you will receive the benefit for June and July till 31 July 2023
  • from 1 June to 30 June 2023 – you will receive the benefit for June, July and August until 31 August 2023

If you apply later (after 30 June 2023), you will receive your benefit from the month you submit the application. Only the submission of the application by the end of June 2023 will guarantee that you receive the benefit with compensation from 1 June.

Parents of children born within the time of the benefit period, have 3 months to submit an application in order to receive the 500+ benefit with compensation from the moment of birth.

The application filing process

  1. 1
    The application filing process -

    Fill in the application

    You can find the form in MilleAdministration section in both Millenet and mobile app

    template.externalLink.desc Apply Family 500+

  2. 2
    The application filing process -

    We send your application to ZUS

    Once we verify the application, we will send it over to ZUS

  3. 3
    The application filing process -

    ZUS verifies your application

    Now ZUS checks the data in your application

  4. 4
    The application filing process -

    You receive info about the benefit

    You will get an e-mail to your email address specified in the application about granting the benefit

Role of the Bank in Family 500+ programme

  • Bank Millennium supports filing Family 500+ application online in the Millenet in MilleAdministration tab. Application cannot be filed at a branch, agency or through info line consultant.

  • After sending the application, you will see confirmation screen and at the time you may save the application in the form of PDF file on the disc of your computer. We recommend that you should save the application in PDF file or print it – the application data will be removed from the banking system immediately after sending!

  • Upon sending the application, you may check its status in section “Applications and agreements”. Application status should be changed from “In processing” to “Delivered” within two days from filing. Hence we recommend monitoring the status in Millenet.

  • If the application is rejected, contact the lead authority. The Bank does not have information about application processing at the Ministry and lead authority.

  • The Bank does not perform formal and substantive verification of the data provided in the application and attachments, and it does not have information concerning further processing of the application by the selected lead authority at the municipality, after the application is transferred thereto.

  • Application is removed from the Bank’s servers after sending the application to Emp@tia IT system conducted by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy.

Frequently asked questions

  • Electronic Family 500+ applications are available for Bank Millennium clients who have current account with the Bank and access to Millenet online banking system.

  • Before you start to fill out the application, prepare your personal data and your children (first name, surname, PESEL number, marital status). The data held by the Bank will be uploaded from the Bank’s system automatically.

    Check which authority at your municipality will review Family 500+ applications from your place of residence – see the list of lead authorities in municipalities at the website of the Ministry.

    1. Log on to Bank Millennium online banking system.
    2. The application is available in MilleAdministration tab.
    3. Fill in the data in the application following the instructions on the screen. If in the Bank’s data your living address is not up-to-date, change it when filling out the Application.
    4. If required, enclose attachments to the application.
    5. Download your application confirmation certificate and copy of your filled out Family 500+ application, and save it in a secure location. It is the only moment, when you can download a copy of your application filed through the Bank.
    6. After the bank transfers your application to the competent lead authority in your municipality, you will receive Official Submission Confirmation (Urzędowe Poświadczenie Przedłożenia - UPP) which is your Official Receipt Confirmation (Urzędowe Potwierdzenie Odbioru - UPO) to the e-mail address given in the application. UPO/UPP e-mail message entitled: ”UPO/UPP application SW-1 no. <document identifier>” will be delivered to you from the following e-mail address:
    7. For information about the status of your application, contact the lead authority at your municipality.

    As soon as you receive UPO/UPP at the e-mail address, which you provided in your Family 500+ application, all questions and services related to your Family 500+ application will be taken over by the lead authority in your municipality (for instance, municipal social welfare centre). Should you have any questions about Family 500+ application, please contact directly your local lead authority.

  • You may also file your Family 500+ application by mail or in person at the offices designated in municipalities (for instance, municipal social welfare centre). Family 500+ application cannot be filed at the bank branch or info-line.

    You may file the application over the Internet:

    • in Bank Millennium online banking system
    • at Platforma Usług Elektronicznych (PUE – online services platform) of ZUS
    • at Emp@tia system of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy
    • in the online banking services of selected banks in Poland

    You may also file your Family 500+ application by mail or in person at the lead authority in your municipality proper for your place of residence.

  • Yes, the application is available to Bank Millennium Clients who have access to Millenet (online banking system) and have a current account at Bank Millennium.

  • If you opened an account at Bank Millennium, confirming your details with an authorisation transfer from another bank or with a selfie (i.e. photos of ID and face) and you did not confirm your personal data at a branch, then you cannot submit the application for child care benefit through the Bank Millennium online banking system. If you confirm your identity at any Bank Millennium branch, you will be able to submit your Family 500+ application through Bank Millennium online banking system.

    Filing Family 500+ application will not be possible if you do not have a current account at Bank Millennium. If the above description is not relevant for your case, please contact the TeleMillennium  info-line to clarify the situation.

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