Submit a tax retrun conveniently online

Directly in e-Urząd Skarbowy service via Millenet

We know your time is precious. That is why we made sure you can handle administrative matters quickly and free of charge directly through your internet banking.

MilleAdministration gives you, among other things, the possibility to file applications, access public administration websites and information on your social insurance:

  • at any time that is convenient to you
  • without having to visit public offices and institutions in person
  • with no additional logins, passwords and data required

Take advantage of MilleAdministration 24/7. Log in to your Millenet account and select MilleAdministration tab.

Check what you can do with MilleAdministration

Family 500+

Apply for government child benefit scheme. You don't have to send documents by mail or visit the public office in person - we will transmit your application to the competent office, and you will receive an e-mail confirmation once your application is filed.

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Good Start 300+

Apply for Good Start 300+ benefit conveniently through Millenet. All you have to do is complete the form correctly and you will receive the benefit within max. 2 months.

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Trusted Profile

Create a free Trusted Profile and gain access to numerous public administration websites, including ePUAP. It allows you, among others, to report a loss of ID, copies of registry office records or submit applications fully online.

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Electronic Services Platform (PUE) ZUS

Log in to electronic Services Platform (PUE) of the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) just as you log in to your Bank. Gain instant access to information on paid contributions, allocated benefits etc. both as an employee and an employer. Check your projected old-age pension, verify your open pension fund and many more.

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