Be even more online

With Millennium ID you can use public administration and commercial services

Your e-PIT
Settle your taxes online

Check and accept the tax return prepared for you by the tax office. No need to provide a personal identity number (PESEL).

Log in to Your e-PIT service using Millennium ID.

1. Go to Your e-PIT website (

2. Choose to log in via e-banking, and then in the mojeID section click on Bank Millennium logo.

3. Log in to Millenet as you normally would.

After logging in, you can approve with one click, reject or edit the tax return prepared for you.

If you have an underpayment of tax, you can pay it immediately, without leaving the tax service. Choose to pay online, log in to Millenet and just authorise the transfer.

Confirm your identity
through Millennium ID

  1. in public administration
  2. in commercial services
  1. Administrative matters online

    Millennium ID grants access to public administration websites (such as ePUAP, PUE, ZUS, CEIDG) without leaving home. Thanks to Millennium ID you can submit applications, declarations and sign documents online, report a loss or destruction of your ID card, apply for the European Health Insurance Card, check driving penalty points and apply for a duplicate of a driving license, check the history of visits and issued prescriptions in the Patient Online Account.

  2. Conclude new contracts online

    With Millennium ID formalities that previously required your personal visit, you can now be handled online. You don’t have to go to selected insurance companies, energy suppliers, medical facilities or telecommunications companies to conclude a new agreement or register a service.

What can you do with Millennium ID?

  • Public administration

    You can log in to public administration websites (IKP, CEIDG, ePUAP), submit applications and declarations and chceck your information about the social insurance

  • Insurances

    You can buy or renew insurance policy online in selected insurance companies

  • Medicine

    You can register or authorize access to medical services and products in selected medical facilities

  • TV

    You can confirm access to age-limited content and pay your bill with selected providers

  • Energy

    You can extend your contract with energy provider, submit an application and get access to the customer portal of selected energy providers

  • Online shopping

    You can fill in your delivery details, confirm your age when purchaisng products that require you to be over 18 years old, if the shop offers this service

You can do more with Millennium ID

You can use Millennium ID, if:

  • you have 18 years old or more
  • your banking details are updated
  • your ID card is valid and unrestricted
  • we have confirmed your identity in our branch (for example while opening your bank account)
  • you have an access to Millenet or mobile app

How does it work?

  • Select a service

    On the provider website select mojeID as an identity confirmation method. Next, click on Bank Millennium logotype.

  • Confirm your identity

    Log in to Millenet. If your are using Millennium ID for the first time, we will create Electronic Identification for you, which is your digital identity. Check, if your personal details are correct and confirm them. If you are using it again simply consent to the data being transferred to the service provider.

  • Ready!

    We will log you out of our website and transfer you back to the service provider’s website, where you can finalize the service.

  • History always at hand

    If you want to check your identity verification history through Millennium ID, log in to the account and select MilleUrząd and Millennium ID.

  • You can use it now

    You can create Środek Identyfikacji Elektronicznej directly in Millenet or mobile app (not only after being transferred from the services' provider). Log in and select Millennium ID from MilleUrząd tab.

Trusted Profile - your electronic signature

Trusted Profile is free of charge identity confirmation method in public administration websites. It can replace your handwritten signature on official documents. It means, that many administrative matter can be dealt without leaving home.

With Millennium ID you will create a Trusted Profile.

Frequently asked questions

  • Millennium ID is a service, which allows safe and fully remote confirmation of your identity. Thanks to it, you can deal with many formalities, that previously required your personal visit.

    With Millennium ID many matters can be dealt faster and remotely from your home on any device and whenever you want. For example you can use public administration services, but you can also conclude a new agreement online with selected telecommunication and energy providers or medical facilities. You can benefit from many commercial services.

    Who can use Millennium ID?

    You just need to meet the following simple conditions:

    • you are 18 years old or more
    • your banking details are updated
    • your ID card is valid and unrestricted
    • we have confirmed your identity in our branch (we accept Polish ID card, foreign ID card, Polish residence card, Polish passport, foreign passport, Ukrainian ID card issued after 01/01/2016 and foreign diplomatic passport)
    • you have an access to Millenet or mobile app
  • On public administration websites or on service provider's website select mojeID as a log in or identity verification method. Next, click on Bank Millennium logotype.

    You will be transferred to Millenet login website – log in to the account and follow the instruction on the screen. And it is done!

  • You'll still need the Trusted Profile to sign documents online and submit official applications. On the other hand, if you want to continue logging in conveniently to public administration services with your bank use Millennium ID.

    Millennium ID is also a service which has a wide application - you can also deal with matters with commercial service providers. With Millennium ID you can deal with more matters online.

    You can activate Millennium ID service in the app and Millenet. You will find it in MilleAdministration tab.

  • Środek Identyfikacji Elektronicznej is your digital identity. It contains your most important and up to date data, e.g. your first and last name, date of birth, PESEL, ID card details. It is used for electronic verification of your identity.

    We'll create Electronic Identification Mean for you when you will try to use Millennium ID for the first time.

  • Yes. The data stored in Electronic Identification Mean in Millennium ID is not shared with service providers automatically, but always with your consent when you log in to the bank. You can always see which of your details are provided.

    You can check your Millennium ID usage history in the app and Millenet in MilleAdministration / Millennium ID tab.

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