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Gain quick access to your money through an extensive network of standard and deposit ATMs.
Cash withdrawal takes only a few seconds, and if you don’t have your debit or credit card with you, you can withdraw money with your mobile using BLIK.
You don’t have access to e-banking at the moment? Or maybe you haven’t installed the free mobile app yet? Don’t worry! Apart from withdrawing cash, at an ATM you can make some of the most frequently used transactions:

  • withdraw cash (by card or with a mobile)
  • check and print out the account balance and history
  • deposit cash to your account or repay your credit card (in deposit ATMs)
  • top-up your mobile
Find a branch or ATM

Now you can withdraw cash even if you don’t have your card with you. Just install the free Bank Millennium mobile app and discover the benefits of BLIK mobile payments.

  1. 1

    Do not insert your payment card; select BLIK withdrawal (no. 4).

  2. 2

    Read the 6-digit BLIK code in your app and enter it at the ATM.

  3. 3

    Confirm the transaction in the app and collect the money from the slot.

Cards in foreign currency

You need some cash, but your card was issued abroad? You don’t have to look for an exchange office. You can withdraw money in Polish currency at Bank Millennium ATMs using almost any card.
Why is dynamic currency conversion a good solution?
  • you know the exact exchange rate and the amount charged at the moment of the transaction
  • there is no currency exchange commission
  • you can avoid overdraft fees (you know the exact amount of withdrawal and thus know how it will affect your account balance)

If you have a card in EUR, USD (only MasterCard), GBP, DKK, SEK or NOK, you can take advantage of the dynamic currency conversion (DCC) service. Choose if the currency conversion should be done by the card processor or if it should be done converted to and expressed in your home currency directly at the ATM at the exchange rate displayed on the screen.

ATM transactions step by step

  • You can withdraw money with a debit card, credit card or BLIK code. Select one of the default amounts (50, 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 PLN) or choose “Other amount” and enter a multiple of 50 PLN. Optionally, you can print out the receipt. The receipt, apart from the date, time and place of the transaction, will also state the withdrawn amount, current and available balance (for debit card) or credit balance (for credit card).

  • In selected machines (deposit ATMs) you can deposit money without having to visit a Bank’s branch. The money you deposit using a debit card will be credited on your account linked with the card. A deposit made with a credit card will be treated as credit card repayment. You can also deposit cash using a BLIK code available in the mobile app.

    If you deposit cash using a card - upon inserting the card and entering PIN, select “Cash deposit”. If you want to deposit cash using BLIK code, select "BLIK deposit" on the Cash Deposit Machine screen. Next enter the 6-digit BLIK code and PIN. Count the bills before feeding them into the deposit slot and insert when prompted. Make sure the amount displayed on the screen is correct. Insert the neatly stacked bills longer edge first. Make sure the bills are neither crumpled, folded nor clipped together. Remove any items that may accidentally get stuck in between the bills such as receipts or tickets.

  • You can deposit cash at around 2,000 CDMs Planet Cash and more than 3,000 CDMs Euronet across Poland. All you need is a credit, debit or prepaid card issued by us.

    To deposit cash at Planet Cash:

    1. Insert your card into a deposit machine
    2. Select "CDM"
    3. Enter your PIN
    4. Confirm you have read the terms and conditions.
    5. Enter the amount "Statement of your deposit"

    To deposit cash at Euronet:

    1. Insert your card into the deposit machine and enter your PIN.
    2. Confirm that you have read the terms and conditions.
    3. Select "Deposit cash in PLN".
    4. If you have a debit or prepaid card, select "Deposit to your Bank Millennium account". If you are using a credit card, select "Card Repayment at Bank Millennium".

    The money will be credited to your account immediately. If you deposit on a bank holiday, the money will be credited to your account on the next business day.

    With a credit card you will deposit money for free regardless of the amount. On the other hand, depositing with a debit or prepaid card is free if the sum of the current and previous deposits in a calendar month is up to 10,000 PLN. Depositing money with a BLIK code is not available at Planet Cash and Euronet deposit machines.

    Detailed terms and conditions of the new service can be found in Euronet's terms and conditionslink otwiera się w nowym oknie and Planet Cash's terms and conditionslink otwiera się w nowym oknie available on our website.

    You can search for Planet Cash and Euronet deposit machines in your area using the search engine on our website.link otwiera się w nowym oknie

  • You can display the account balance (for debit card) or available credit (for credit card) on the ATM screen or print it out. In case of debit cards you will see the current balance and available balance, while in case of credit cards you will see the used limit (current balance) and the available remaining limit (available credit).

  • This option is available both for Bank Millennium debit and credit cards. You can choose whether the last 10 transactions are to be displayed on the screen or printed out.

  • You can change the PIN of the card currently inserted into the ATM. In order for the change to be confirmed you have to enter the new PIN twice. This option is available for all Bank Millennium cards – both debit and credit.

  • You can top-up the pre-paid cards for the following mobile networks: Plus, Orange, T-Mobile, Sami Swoi, Heyah and Play. Select the mobile network, enter your phone number and the top-up amount, and confirm with a green button on the ATM keypad. Once you complete the transaction, you can print out the receipt. Mobile top-up is available for all Bank Millennium cards – both debit and credit.

  • P@ssword 2 is used for authorizing the change of the mobile phone number, to which text messages confirming transactions are sent (MilleSMS). This option is available for all Bank Millennium debit and credit card.

Your safety

Bank Millennium uses its best efforts to keep your funds and your personal details safe. Nonetheless, even our efforts may turn out to be insufficient when confronted with those acting in bad faith.

We encourage you to read the safety tips below and apply them every time you use a Bank Millennium ATM or any other ATM.

    • Pay close attention to the ATM and its surroundings. Try to avoid using the ATM at night. Check if the next person in line is keeping the proper distance. Stay alert and if you are being watched or it has suddenly become crowded, cancel the transaction and go to another ATM.
    • Always try to use the same ATM. This will make it easier for you to detect any changes that may result from the installation of fraudulent devices.
    • If you spot anything suspicious or out of ordinary, or if it looks like someone has tampered with the equipment, do not use the ATM and inform the Bank immediately.
    • Do stand too close to the person using an ATM. Keep a distance of approx. 2 meters and wait until that person completes the transaction and walks away from the machine.
    • Never force the card into the card slot. A difficulty with inserting the card may result from card reader failure or from the presence of a fraudulent device (e.g. a skimmer) attached to the ATM.
    • Do not enter the PIN unless the instructions on the ATM screen tell you to do so. When using the machine stand close to it. Always shield the keypad when entering the PIN to prevent others from seeing it, e.g. by covering it with your other hand. This way even if a hidden camera has been attached to the ATM, your PIN will not be disclosed.
    • Remove the card from the slot right after you are requested to do so by the instructions on the ATM screen. If the card has been retained by the machine, immediately contact the Bank. Do not accept help from strangers.
    • Put the cash and the card away after completing the transaction and before leaving the ATM.
    • If you see anything suspicious, leave the ATM, and once you are a safe distance away contact the Bank.
    • Regularly monitor your account balance –immediately report any irregularities to the Bank.