What is an e-guarantee?

E-guarantee is a bank guarantee issued in electronic form (PDF file) with a qualified electronic signature of the Bank’s two authorised representatives.

In legal terms the guarantee saved in the form of a file signed with a qualified electronic signature constitutes a statement of will submitted in electronic form and in accordance with Polish legislation is treated as an equivalent to a guarantee in paper format bearing a handwritten signature.

How is an e-guarantee delivered?


Benefits for your company

  • express delivery of the granted guarantee (to an indicated e-mail address or to be downloaded in Millenet)
  • no charges of courier mail
  • e-guarantees may be ordered online in Millenet – faster processing and monitoring enabled; available 24/7

Benefits for your counterparty/beneficiary

  • instant receipt of the bank guarantee (to an indicated e-mail address)
  • no need to archive a paper guarantee document
  • simple verification of autenticity of electronic signatures directly in the e-guarantee file
  • additional confirmation may be received via their own bank that the e-guarantee was granted by Bank Millennium

Who can sign e-guarantees

Surname and name Certificate serial number Valid from Valid till
Borucińska Magdalena 66 EC CE 71 8D 9F BC 37 FE E9 51 AF 74 CC AE 27 2017/12/06 2019/12/06
Dudek Krzysztof 4E B9 EC 68 B6 2B F9 B5 31 C6 C2 A2 3C 1E E9 F3 7F 9E DE 4A 2021/05/17 2023/05/17
Dudek Krzysztof 11 C9 A4 1B B7 9B 48 32 07 BD A2 B2 9F 6F 0E 88 2019/06/07 2021/06/06
Dudek Krzysztof 5E 99 C6 0D FB 2D B9 7C 74 CC EA 3E 3A 62 45 27 2017/06/07 2019/06/07
Gasik Alicja 47 01 FA 51 7D 36 76 3B 02 EA 8C B9 F6 6F 6C 91 2019/12/06 2021/12/05
Gasik Alicja 72 B9 EB 6B 08 97 DD A6 D2 33 25 83 2E 72 E0 5E 2017/12/06 2019/12/06
Gregorczyk Katarzyna 1F 2D 7C 50 DA 75 C3 47 2D 7F 3D 7E 12 3D FE 91 2019/12/07 2021/12/06
Gregorczyk Katarzyna 05 52 8A E5 FF F1 F7 43 4F 92 6B 4B F0 24 76 9D 2017/12/07 2019/12/07
Korpas Dorota 25 EB 40 DE 21 6B B4 3A 51 31 6A 9D D4 33 3F D7 2020/10/09 2022/10/09
Papiernik Hanna 15 F7 9D 5C BC 51 7E 3B 85 3E 06 7A C5 45 9F 0C 2019/12/06 2021/12/05
Papiernik Hanna 4C 49 CE B5 B6 B9 6E 04 B3 B2 E7 A7 47 BA E0 04 2017/12/06 2019/12/06
Szewczyk Katarzyna 12 69 91 D1 D7 71 E5 3F EE 67 3A 08 48 F1 9A 87 2019/12/06 2021/12/05
Szewczyk Katarzyna 60 B5 A8 AD 5B ED 15 E6 31 29 B9 9E AF 00 95 2017/12/06 2019/12/06
Wasielewska Alina 3B 2B EB 02 D9 70 8B B6 4E 80 AC 15 69 FD 51 38 D6 24 4E 27 2021/06/10 2023/06/10
Wąsowska Magdalena 3A 27 37 BB C0 9C 98 47 F3 8E FF 42 78 FF 42 EB 2019/05/07 2021/05/06



  • How to order an e-guarantee?

    An e-guarantee may be ordered online in the Millenet system or in the form of a paper order to issue a guarantee. Select “e-guarantee” as the way of sending the guarantee.

  • How is an e-guarantee delivered?

    The e-guarantee document shall be sent by Bank Millennium to the beneficiary:

    • directly to the e-mail address provided in the order or
    • via the Customer (to his e-mail address or to be downloaded in the Millenet system in section Statements and Reports)

  • How to check if the e-guarantee is genuine?

    Genuineness of the electronic signatures may be verified directly in the e-guarantee file with use of Adobe Reader functionality. A Manual describing how to make the verification is available in the Documents section.

    A list of the Bank’s representatives authorised to sign e-guarantees is available in the Who can sign e-guarantees section.

    Upon a Customer’s request Bank Millennium can additionally send to the beneficiary’s bank a confirmation of granting the e-guarantee in the form of a SWIFT message.