Gain security in commercial contracts

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Line for trade finance products

Domestic and foreign bank guarantees

Line for trade finance products

  • get a line with a renewable limit
  • flexibly use a global limit for guarantees, letters of credit, loans and credit cards within one company or more related companies
  • place orders online. You don't have to sign separate contracts or wait for our decision
  • get guarantees, sureties and letters of credit quickly

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Domestic and foreign bank guarantees

Domestic and foreign bank guarantees

  • we'll confirm your credibility with domestic and foreign contractors
  • get better pricing (trade credit, advances) and longer payment terms
  • release blocked funds (deposits) and replace the bid bond with our tender guarantee
  • provide security quicker with our e-guarantee

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Let us support your export

Export letter of credit

  • get paid after you present delivery documents
  • protect yourself in case the importer withdraws from the transaction or refuses to accept your goods

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Export collection

  • reduce the risk of not getting paid for the goods shipped
  • provide the contractor with documents needed to collect your delivery after they pay or secure the future payment

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Export letter of credit discount

  • receive funds before the due date of the letter of credit
  • get extra liquidity without placing collateral and straining your creditworthiness
  • limit currency risk

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Let us secure your import

Import letter of credit

  • guarantee payment for the delivery and get better terms of the contract
  • we will confirm your payment capacity
  • reduce commercial risk. Pay only after you get documents confirming the delivery date and quality of the goods

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Import collection

  • get better trading conditions
  • assure the contractor they will get paid
  • eliminate the risk of not getting the delivery you are supposed to pay for
  • get deferred payment. Collect the goods and documents for the bill of exchange acceptance and pay at a later date

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