Domestic and foreign bank guarantees

Secure mutual obligations

About guarantee

Do your contractors want be sure you will meet your obligations? We will guarantee them the payment if your company does not comply with the terms of the contract. Our guarantee will replace a security deposit or tender guarantee and secure the return of the advance, proper performance of the contract, timely payment for delivery, service or rental agreement, as well as repayment of the loan.

  • Increase your credibility and get more favorable commercial terms (deferred payment date, discount, advance payment)
  • Get additional liquidity – you don't need to use your own funds to enter the tender, secure the performance of the contract, especially under the warranty
  • Conveniently handle warranties on our online platform

Also available in the form of an e-guarantee, which we deliver even faster, also directly to the beneficiary.


Lists of the Bank's representatives

Current list of the Bank's representatives authorized to sign e-guarantees

Surname and name Certificate serial number Valid from Valid until
Dudek Krzysztof 46 67 E1 62 58 B5 08 76 11 FC C9 CE 97 0D 48 CC 90 F7 2F 0E 2023/05/17 2025/05/17
Gasik Alicja 4C 35 E2 2A 2A 0C 99 56 4A 41 68 15 7F 3C B7 DF 5B 5E C5 40 2021/12/03 2023/12/03
Gregorczyk Katarzyna Paulina 76 8D 54 D9 74 79 A1 68 EF 2C B9 46 7E 1D D4 57 E7 6C FA E7 2021/12/03 2023/12/03
Papiernik Hanna Maria 19 1E C1 6F 7C 39 5C AF 63 29 4F 4D 3D 8F 4E 9A B5 75 5C DF 2021/12/03 2023/12/03
Ziętarska Anna 0D F7 35 85 D1 DF 4B 87 9C 37 EF 4D FA 4E 10 BC 95 EE D3 C5 2022/04/27 2024/04/27


Historical list of the Bank's representatives authorized to sign e-guarantees