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Fill in a simple application in our app or Millenet

It's time to start own business.
Do it with us!

You can count on us! If doubts or questions arise while filling in the application, start a free chat with our expert. You can find the application in the mobile app and Millenet.

How to open business online?

Own business is an important step in life. Do it with our help and join the entrepreneurs

  • Fill in simple application

    It's in our mobile app and Millenet in MilleAdministration section

  • You can count on us

    Start a chat with our experts at any time

  • Without having to visit the office

    Register online a business in CEIDG, get NIP and REGON

  • Business account with debit card to start

    We'll automatically open Konto Mój Biznes account and order a debit card

Even 2500 PLN bonus can be yours

Open Konto Mój Biznes account, activate mobile app and ensure externally-sourced turnover (min. 1000 PLN if your business has been operation less than 6 months or 3000 PLN if your business has been operating longer than 6 months) in 6 consecutive months in order to get:

  • up to 500 PLN - get 5% cashback of ZUS contributions
  • up to 500 PLN - get 5% of fuel expenses, if you pay by business card
  • 500 PLN - if you sign an agreement for a payment terminal or Millennium POS and provide min. 1000 PLN of incoming transactions till the end of October 2023
  • 500 PLN - if you sign an agreement for a leasing with Millennium Leasing Sp. z o.o. or take cash loan for entrepreneurs in the amount of min. 30 000 zł till the end of October 2023
  • 500 PLN - if you open your business with us in Millenet or mobile app

You can open business online in Millenet or mobile app if you're already a Customer of Bank with Trusted Profile. "Nawet 2500 zł z kontem firmowym" promotion is valid till 31.03.2023. Limit: 10 000 accounts. Details in regulations.

2 years free of charge

Open Konto Mój Biznes account in promotion and pay for 2 years:

  • 0 PLN for maintaining a payment account in PLN
  • 0 PLN for maintaining a foreign currency account in GBP, EUR, CHF, USD
  • 0 PLN annual fee for Millennium Visa Business credit card

Promotion "Zyskaj z kontem dla Biznesu - edycja druga" runs from 1.04.2022 until further notice. The Bank will inform on its website about its completion at least 7 days in advance.
Details in the regulations.
Legal note

Opening a business is a first and the most important step

Now remember about:

  • sending a VAT declaration (if your business is obliged to it)
  • reporting yourself, your employees and family members to ZUS
  • checking whether you need a permit or license


  • You can open business online if you're the Customer of our Bank and you have:

    • at least 18 years old
    • a citizen of Poland
    • Polish identity card
    • Polish address of residence

    Remember that you can open a business if your identity was confirmed in our branch (e.g. during account opening).

    You need Trusted Profile created with our Bank in order to sigh the application.

  • Yes. We don't charge any fees for sending your application of registering business in CEIDG.

  • You can fill in the application in mobile app or Millenet. Check in MilleAdministration tab.

    You can start a chat with our expert any time if you need help in filling in the application. Remember that our experts don't act as advisors - they'll not support you on PKD codes or taxation form.

  • Before you fill in the application, think about:

    • legal and short business name
    • date of operation
    • PKD codes (max. 9)
    • type of taxation
    • how the bookkeeping service will be provided: by yourself or by accounting office
    • make sure you don't need a permit, license or relevant authorization to operate
  • In Millenet and mobile app you'll find a simple application - you can complete it in several minutes. Sending the application starts the process of registering your company in CEIDG, assigning REGON and NIP. In addition, we'll open Konto Mój Biznes account with a debit card for you.

    You track the status of your application in Millenet and the app. When your company is registered, we activate your new account. You will conveniently log in to it like to a personal account.

    Now it's your turn. You need to file a ZZA form in ZUS. If you're a VAT payer, file VAT-R form in the tax office. And it's done!

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