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Convenient financing on attractive terms

Leasing is a form of financing capital expenditure, where the leased asset is purchased by the leasing company (Millennium Leasing) and then given to the customer for use.

In exchange for the possibility to use the asset the customer will make agreed monthly payments to the leasing company.

You can take advantage of the offer from the first day of establishment of your company.

Types of leasing:

  • operational – the leased asset is kept in the books of the leasing company, which makes depreciation write-offs. The monthly lease payments are tax deductible for the customer, who also has the possibility to purchase the asset upon end of the leasing agreement
  • financial – the leased asset is kept in the books of the customer, who (if possible) makes depreciation write-offs. The financial part of the monthly leasing payments is tax deductible for the customer, while ownership of the asset gets transferred to the customer after the end of the leasing agreement.
Dzięki leasingowi Twoja firma może sfinansować zakup np. samochodu

Simple and flexible

Check advantages of leasing:

Leasing na zakup samochodu to jedna powszechniejszych form finansowania
  • convenient type of leasing: operational or financial
  • wide range of financed assets
  • possibility to choose the currency
  • flexibility in negotiating on the terms of the agreement and the structure of lease payments
  • leasing with fixed or variable interest rate
  • possibility of taking advantage of insurance together with a package of additional services

Leasing tailored to the needs of your business

  • Application is processed on the basis of a declaration of income and assets

  • Possibility of obtaining financing with a low initial fee - from 0%

  • Decision in even 15 minutes

  • Support of a dedicated advisor at every stage of the process

For whom?

  • self-employed

  • partnerships, limited liability companies, affiliated companies, limited partnerships, limited joint-stock partnerships

  • start-ups - from the first day of establishment

Complex solutions for your company

Take advantage of a wide offer of financed assets:

  • passenger cars and vans
  • machines and devices for most industries
  • means of heavy transport (including road, rail, water and air)
  • photovoltaic installations
  • real estates

Possibility of financing on a fixed interest rate

Thanks to Leasing Safe Repayment programme, a fixed lease payment is guaranteed, regardless of fluctuations in interest rates

Reduce the energy bills thanks to MilleSun programme (financing of photovoltaic installations) which guarantees:

  • entry fee from 0%
  • leasing period up to 96 months
  • the possibility of adjusting the monthly payments to individual preferences
  • the possibility of leasing photovoltaic installations

MilleFlota - innovative leasing with maintenance services, thank to which you:

  • quickly reduce costs and increase control over your vehicle service (up to 3.5 tons)
  • save time by using cashless maintenance services
  • gain permanent service in authorized service stations (ASO)
  • individually adjust complex service to the requirements of your car fleet

eBOK Millennium Leasing - all in one place

  • Order many matters concerning your leasing contracts
  • Download an invoice without the need to print it
  • Find out about the next invoice after setting up a free SMS notification

You can also monitor on an ongoing basis:

  • schedule and number of instalments to be paid
  • the current state of your settlements
  • information on balances and funds
  • information about the current insurance policy

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