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ESG management

In Bank Millennium running responsible business means studying and reflecting the needs of Stakeholders in planning and implementing the company's strategy. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues were part of Bank Millennium Group’s strategy for 2018-2020 and will be included in the new strategy for 2022-2024. In connection with the pandemic, we consider 2021 as a transition year before the new strategy comes into effect, however the topics of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility continue to be part of our business strategy.

More information: 2020 Annual Report

ESG 2021 - key objectives and activities: currently underway and planned

Our priorities

We are engaged in social activities and focused on four areas:

  • Customers
    Banking without barriers. We want all clients to have convenient access to financial services. That is why we have introduced many facilities for people with sight, hearing and movement disabilities - available branches, ATMs, the bank's website and voice telephone service.
  • Employees
    We create an attractive work environment. We build relationships based on trust, we focus on quality and innovation, we help employees develop and we promote cooperation.
  • Society
    Financial education. We run "Financial ABC" - a program for kindergartens, because we believe that good financial habits are worth developing in childhood.
    Volunteering. We are sure that our employees know the needs of the local community best. That is why we give grants in the competition for the best volunteering projects.
  • Environment
    We act in accordance with the 2020 environmental policy: we introduce our own pro-environmental activities, offer pro-ecological products and responsible financing, and develop environmental education.

More information: ESG events & activity on YouTube

Partnerships and awards

Bank Millennium is a signatory of two important international initiatives:

  • Diversity Charter - a commitment signed by organizations that are attempting to eliminate discrimination, fostering and promoting diversity in the workplace;
  • government administration partnership for achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The market highly appreciates our ESG - related efforts:

  • We have been included in the WIG-ESG index on Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • We are in top ten of Polish companies in the Ranking of Responsible Companies prepared by the Responsible Business Forum.
  • We received the CSR Golden Leaf in the Polityka weekly’s ranking.


Starting from 2006 Bank Millennium has been annually publishing its social report. In the report, the key aspects of the influence of the Bank on economic, social and environmental sustainable development were defined with reference to major groups of Stakeholders


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