Bank Millennium appreciated for its long-term support for the Polish jazz community


By the decision of the city authorities of Iława, Bank Millennium received the title of Patron of Culture for supporting local culture, in particular the International Festival of Traditional Jazz "Old Jazz Meeting - Złota Tarka", one of the most important events on the jazz map of Poland.

For over thirty years, Bank Millennium has been involved in cultural projects of both national and local scope. One of the longest-sponsored events is the International Festival of Traditional Jazz "Old Jazz Meeting - Złota Tarka". For its help in organising the legendary meeting of jazz fans, bank was honoured by the authorities with the award of the Mayor of the City of Iława in the Field of Culture.

- The cooperation between the organizers of “Złota Tarka" and Bank Millennium has been going on for over twenty years. Our partner's long-term commitment to one of the oldest jazz festivals in Poland is a model example of a solid relationship between the business world and local cultural institutions. The award of the Mayor of the city of Iława for Bank Millennium is an expression of thanks for two decades of joint action for jazz music – said Dawid Kopaczewski, Mayor of Iława.

The ceremonial presentation of the statuette and the congratulatory letter took place on 30 May at the "Pasja" Cinema Theatre. On behalf of Bank Millennium, the award was received by Dariusz Spirydowicz, Regional Director.

- The title of patron of culture of the city of Iława is a great distinction for us. We are glad that for many years we have been able to help in the development of the Polish jazz community, which in this decade will celebrate the centenary of its existence. The opportunity to support local cultural initiatives is a source of real pride for us – said Dariusz Spirydowicz.

Bank Millennium has been supporting national and local cultural projects for thirty years. We are a 360°patron of culture because we promote it in almost all forms, i.a.: film, music, painting, sculpture, theatre, photography, literature and performance. We reach for niche and popular culture. We focus on long-term cooperation based on partnership principles. For 17 years, the Bank has been a partner of the largest film festival in Poland, Millennium Docs Against Gravity. For 17 years we have funded the "Golden Sceptre" award for outstanding creators of culture. For over a decade we have been a patron of "Pearls of Millennium" – a joint initiative of the Bank and TVP, whose aim was to produce, promote and present artistic events from the circle of high culture on TVP. Bank Millennium supported such cultural initiatives as the Gdańsk Music Festival , the "Two Theatres" Festival, the Mozart Festival at the Warsaw Chamber Opera, the Bella Skyway Festival and the Sacrum Profanum festival