Financial education and environment protection, activities of the Bank Millennium Foundation in 2023

In 2023, the Bank Millennium Foundation continued two key programs: Financial ABCs and volunteer program Our People’23: Save the Planet. This is another year of attention to the financial education of the youngest, as well as focusing on protecting the Planet. The Foundation summarized its activities in 2023 in the report published today.

- The Bank Millennium Foundation has existed for 33 years and has been developing two original initiatives for almost a decade: Financial ABCs and an employee volunteering program. Both programs are out of date every year, offer value and engage more and more volunteers. In 2023 over 1,700 Bank employees-volunteers were involved in educational, sports and ecological activities and devoted over 12,000 volunteering hours. We see great sense in these actions. In 2024, we will continue to encourage our employees to organize social initiatives, we will implement further editions of the educational program and we will join the Year of Financial Education announced by Senate RP.Iwona Jarzębska president of the board of the Bank Millennium Foundation.

Last year, two more editions were carried out as part of the Financial ABCs program, during which children had the opportunity to learn about the world of finance through play. The aim of the workshops was to develop children's awareness of various forms of money, as well as to build the habit of planning and saving money.

Since 2016, the Bank Millennium Foundation has been running own financial education program for preschool children - Financial ABC - under which it organizes workshops, creates educational materials in various formats and provides financial knowledge to the youngest children, their parents, and preschool teachers. Since 2016, the beginning of the program in over 3,100 workshops have been conducted and 70,000 children have been trained in kindergartens throughout Poland.

The Bank Millennium’s Foundation is not indifferent to environmental problems, therefore in 2023, in order to meet the needs of expanding ecological awareness, an employee volunteering program was implemented under the name Our People'23: Save the Planet. The program was divided into two parts: sports and volunteering. As part of this first part, over 1,500 volunteer employees got involved in sports activities for eco-volunteering. Every kilometer traveled and calorie burned contributed to achieving the goal of donating PLN 250,000 to the Bank Millennium Foundation for the implementation of eco-initiatives.

Ecovolunteering involved 170 volunteers who implemented 26 ecoinitiatives for the environment. Eco-initiatives required from volunteers to: engage in work, be open to local communities, plan long-term effects of pro-ecological activities, use raw materials and recycled materials and minimize purchases. The campaign created an ideal space for implementing creative and most importantly - charitable ideas. This made each initiative unique.

Moreover, in December 2023, the Foundation celebrated 33rd birthday. On this occasion, we gathered at the Warsaw headquarters of Bank Millennium, where we have our headquarters, to celebrate together. The Foundation's birthday was an additional opportunity to talk about how it operates, what directions it chooses, how it helps the local community and... what it plans in the future.

The Bank Millennium's Foundation, operating under the slogan "We multiply social capital", has been supporting projects that engage local communities for over thirty years. Focuses on three areas of activity: financial education, cultural education and the promotion of volunteering.

Our People’23: Save the Planet – ecoinitiatives of Bank Millennium

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