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March 2023

Bank Millennium continues its policy of supporting Polish companies. 2023 is another year in which the bank will continue to be strongly involved in the process of supporting the development of companies - both from the SME sector and large entities. The Bank implements i.a. guarantee programmes for companies in cooperation with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK), provides support in the field of financing, also with the participation of aid funds and in the implementation of green projects.
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Bank Millennium became the strategic partner of the 1st Education Career Fair EDU OFFSHORE WIND 2023. The idea of the event is to show secondary school students innovative directions of career development. The fair is organised in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, which is the leader of the 2022 Millennium Eco-index ranking.
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February 2023

For Bank Millennium, 2022 was a period of implementation of important tasks embodying the idea of sustainable development. The Bank continued its current path of involvement in socially responsible projects and made further important steps as a socially responsible organisation.
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Banco Comercial Portugues entered the international Bloomberg Gender-Equality index for the fourth time in a row. In 2023, it achieved its best result so far. It is higher than the results reported by 73% of companies included in the index. The high position of Banco Comercial Portugues was due to data from its three companies: Bank Millennium, Millennium bcp, Millennium Bim.
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Bank Millennium has provided companies with a loan to finance photovoltaic projects. The loan is available in two variants – up to 2 mln PLN, without own participation and additional collateral (100% of energy for own needs) and up to 20 mln PLN, with own participation from 10% to 20% and minimum self-consumption of energy at the level of 50%.
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January 2023

Bank Millennium received the title of “Climate-Conscious Company 2022" as part of the Climate Awareness Survey of Companies conducted on the basis of the content of reports for 2021. The Bank received 8.17 points and thus ranked 7th out of 152 companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
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The Bank Millennium Foundation did not remain indifferent to the fate of its neighbours fleeing the war from across the eastern border. Organising help points, support in finding accommodation, looking for a job or places to stay for children from orphanages in Ukraine is a series of activities, which were undertaken last year by volunteers – employees of the bank. Educational activities under the Financial ABCs project were also continued. In total, representatives of Bank Millennium allocated nearly 2000 hours for pro bono activities in the last 12 months. The Foundation summarised its activities in 2022 in a report just published.
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