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July 2022

Nowy, ekologiczny oddział banku, rozwój edukacji klimatycznej, wspieranie równości płci i osób z niepełnosprawnościami oraz zaangażowanie pracowników-wolontariuszy w niesienie pomocy społecznościom, które ucierpiały w wyniku pandemii – to szczególne działania, zgłoszone przez Bank Millennium do Raportu „Odpowiedzialny biznes w Polsce. Dobre praktyki”. Publikacja przygotowywana co roku przez Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu to największy w Polsce przegląd inicjatyw CSR i zrównoważonego rozwoju.

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June 2022

UN Global Compact Network Poland and the Institute of Responsible Finance in cooperation with the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy and the Ministry of Finance published in June this year the report "Green Finance in Poland 2022". It had its premiere at the European Financial Congress in Sopot. In the publication, next to expert and scientific texts on ESG and sustainable finance issues, there is a commentary by Joao Bras Jorge, Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Millennium, on selected aspects of the Group's environmental policy.

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Bank Millennium's long-term activities for sustainable development and making them an integral part of the Group's business strategy have once again been appreciated with the CSR Leaf of the Polityka weekly. The "Golden CSR Leaf" award was presented to Magdalena Trzynadlowska, Director of the Sustainability Office of Bank Millennium by Jerzy Baczyński, Editor-in-Chief of the Polityka weekly.

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By the decision of the city authorities of Iława, Bank Millennium received the title of Patron of Culture for supporting local culture, in particular the International Festival of Traditional Jazz "Old Jazz Meeting - Złota Tarka", one of the most important events on the jazz map of Poland.

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May 2022

The environment, corporate social responsibility and the highest standards of corporate governance are key elements of the functioning of modern companies. This area has always been important, but now it is considered one of the pillars of business strategies of enterprises. In the following years, its role as a factor determining the directions of development of companies will grow - says Magdalena Trzynadlowska, director of the Sustainable Development Office at Bank Millennium during a discussion at the University of Warsaw.

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Bank Millennium again took second place in the ranking of the best employers of banking and financial services and 44th among all companies included in the Poland's Best Employers 2022 ranking prepared by Forbes Polska and Statista.

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The 19th edition of the largest documentary film festival in Poland, Millennium Docs Against Gravity, is underway. As part of the festival, Bank Millennium continues the audio description project, thanks to which selected films are available to people with visual and hearing disabilities.

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Bank Millennium has prepared a unique advertising spot in which it talks about the values that guide it as an institution. At the same time, the spot promotes the largest documentary film festival in Poland, Millennium Docs Against Gravity, of which the bank has been a sponsor for 17 years.

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During the 19th edition of the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival, Bank Millennium funded a special award for the best project of a new film from Eastern Europe. It was awarded to authors from Ukraine, Tetiana Dorodnitsyna and Andriy Litvinienko, for the project of the film "Mother of Angels".

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April 2022

The Bank Millennium Group has published its online financial and ESG report for 2021.

The ESG report for 2021, which is the Bank Millennium Group’s 16th annual non-financial report, portrays in detail the degree of commitment on the part of both the Bank and the Group to the pursuit of sustainable development in the Environmental, Social and Governance areas in respect of our key stakeholder groups. Actions towards sustainable development have for years formed an integral part of the Bank Millennium Group’s business strategy. The ESG area is also included in the new strategy for 2022-2024, which was announced in December 2021.

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