Bank Millennium Foundation starts new edition of Financial ABC – Year of Economic Education

The Senate announced 2024 as the Year of Economic Education - dedicated to building the economic awareness of Polish society. The Bank Millennium Foundation and Bank Millennium also follow the idea of financial education. We have a special week ahead of us - Global Money Week, it's the perfect time to announce that we are about to start the next, 12th edition of the Millennium Bank Foundation's Financial ABC program.

The Financial ABC Program was created in 2016 and since then it has been implementing its main mission of expanding financial awareness among the youngest preschool children. Since the beginning of the program, we have trained over 70 000 children, for whom the Foundation has carried out 3 157 workshops in kindergartens throughout Poland. The program stimulates children's creativity and teaches them how to move smoothly and, above all, safely in the world of finance.

The level of economic knowledge of Polish society is not satisfying. Bank Millennium has been involved in building economic awareness for years. Since 2020, we have been conducting a series of regular webinars for clients, attended by experts in the field of finance. We focus intensively on education in the field of cybersecurity and digitization of banking. In 2023, we conducted 12 webinars, half of which were educational in nature. The Bank Millennium Foundation has been running the "Financial ABC" educational program since 2016, which is addressed to the youngest. Since the beginning of the program, 3,157 workshops have been conducted in kindergartens across Poland, training over 70,000 children. As part of the program, through the website and YouTube channel, the Foundation provides educational materials: videos, guides and articles that explain how to transfer knowledge, among others: in the field of saving and planning expenses. The Year of Economic Education provides a unique opportunity to emphasize the importance of educating Polish society in the field of economics and finance. As indicated by the results of research conducted by the GFK Institute, over 75% of parents of preschoolers believe that the age of 3-7 is the best time to start financial education. From an early age, we should make children aware of how to navigate the world of finance. The year 2024 is a time of opportunities that we want to use for initiatives supporting economic education, which we should not forget about.Paulina Wołosz-Sitarek, board member of Bank Millennium Foundation

This year, the project received the honorary patronage of the Children's Rights Ombudsman Monika Horna-Cieślak. We have completed recruitment for the 12th edition of the Financial Primer, which has been published. These are children who have attended workshops that teach not only financial resources and expense planning, but also how to safely use payments and new technological opportunities.

In addition to the opportunity to have a child, caregivers have access to educational materials on the website and YouTube channels. Together with them, you can learn about Mr. Sebastian's solutions, find appropriate tips added by the teacher and ideas for common time solutions, yes, by learning through play.