Bank Millennium is summing up its ESG actions

Sustainable development is one of the key elements of Bank Millennium Group's operations, and environmental, social and corporate governance aspects have been an integral part of the business strategy for years. In the published ESG Report, among the ambitious goals that the Bank has achieved in 2023 is the reduction of its own greenhouse gas emissions by 70%.

Bank Millennium continues its current path of involvement in projects for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. These are wide-ranging activities that take into account all ESG (environmental, social and governance) aspects.

- We consistently pursue our strategic ESG goals, which, combined with our business goals, form a coherent unity. When supporting sustainability as an organization, we start with ourselves. Every activity has an impact on the environment and therefore in the Bank Millennium Group we constantly analyse and minimise the negative impact of our activities on our surroundings, including the natural environment. We reduce the use of resources, educate and strive for climate neutrality. In the area of emission reduction, we have once again achieved our ambitious targets, and what is more, we have exceeded them. In 2023, scope 1 and scope 2 emissions of the Bank Millennium Capital Group were 70% lower than in 2020, which we adopted as the base year – said Joao Bras Jorge, Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Millennium.

The Bank presents a summary of activities related to sustainable development in the latest ESG Report of Bank Millennium SA and Bank Millennium Capital Group. The actions presented in it are related to the implementation of the ESG Strategy for 2022-2024, which is an integral part of the Bank's business strategy "Inspired by people". They include, among others, the Group's achievements in minimizing its environmental impact, including a significant reduction in its own Scope 1 and 2 emissions, which in 2023 were 70% lower than in the base year 2020.

"We believe that the Bank, as an institution of public trust, has a special responsibility to build awareness of many issues – business, economic and environmental. We build this awareness by sharing our expertise with our stakeholders – primarily customers and employees. Among unique initiatives of the Bank "Millennium Eco-Index: eco-innovation potential of regions" holds a special place. We are also particularly proud of our unique employee volunteering program called Our People'23: Save the Planet!, as well as actions related to the financial education of the youngest under the "Financial ABCs" programme of the Bank Millennium's Foundation. In total, in 2023, the Bank's employees devoted over 12 thousand hours to educational, sports and environmental social initiatives, said Magdalena Trzynadlowska, Director of the Sustainability Office at Bank Millennium.

An important place in the ESG Report is occupied by activities undertaken in the social area. Among them, our original employee volunteering project called Our People'23: Save the Planet! As part of this initiative, over 1.5 thousand employees took part in sports challenges, which resulted in Bank Millennium donating PLN 250 thousand to the Bank Millennium’s Foundation for the implementation of eco-initiatives. In the next stage, as part of eco-volunteering, our employees carried out 26 projects, greening the space, educating and supporting local pro-ecological projects.

Another important original project focused on education and knowledge sharing is the report "Millennium Eco-Index – the eco-innovation potential of regions". The aim of the report is to stimulate a public debate on the development of green innovations in Poland, which is of key importance in terms of the competitiveness of the economy. In 2023, the "Millennium Eco-index" was presented at national conferences, as well as widely commented on by representatives of business, non-governmental organizations and local governments, as well as scientists.

Bank Millennium, for years, out of concern for the Earth, has been promoting environmental protection and expanding environmental awareness. For 18 years it has been a partner of Millennium Docs Against Gravity - the largest documentary film festival in Poland. The festival brings the audience closer to a number of phenomena taking place in the contemporary world – from ecology, through diversity, human rights, art and pop culture, to family relations and psychology. In 2023, the Bank – the titular sponsor of the festival – prepared a unique promotional spot in which it talks about the values that guide it as an institution.

The ESG report also summarises activities aimed at achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this regard, one of the important actions is Bank Millennium's accession to the United Nations Global Compact as direct participant. Accession to the UNGC means a commitment to comply with and implement the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, covering four key areas in the field of: human rights, work standards, environmental protection, counteracting corruption.

Bank Millennium has been publishing ESG reports since 2006, informing about its objectives and activities related to environmental issues (reduction of CO2 emissions and use of resources, sustainable financing, environmental education), social (relations with employees, local communities, innovative services, responsible sales, banking without barriers, pro-social activities) and in the field of corporate governance (ethical standards, risk management and internal control system).

The examples listed above are just some of the initiatives implemented by Bank Millennium in 2023. For details, please see the ESG Report of Bank Millennium SA and Bank Millennium Capital Group. The report is available here:

Raport ESG Banku Millennium i Grupy Banku Millennium za 2023 rok