Electronic signature

Electronic signature is a modern, secure and convenient way of authorising transactions, developed for Customers who use the Bank Millennium online banking system - Millenet for Companies.

If you have any questions please contact the Bank by calling 801 632 632 or +48 22 598 40 31.



Four steps to make the electronic signature:

1. Visit a branch of Millennium Bank, sign the agreement to use to Electronic Banking Channels.

2. Receive suite e-signature, including:

  • Bank Millennium chipcard,
  • Chipcard reader,
  • DVD with essential software for the reader and card,
  • Envelope containing PIN and PUK numbers for the chipcard.

3. Login to the Millenet for Companies system at www.bankmillennium.pl.

4. Activate the elektronic signature.


  • Uniqueness - every transaction is signed with a verified electronic signature.
  • Integrity - any change e.g. of a card in the reader, will be automatically detected. Thus the electronic signature will be verified in the system and does not require the person putting the signature to have any specialised knowledge.
  • Irrefutability - only the person who holds data essential to put the signature, i.e. private key, which corresponds to the data contained in the certificate, will be able to put the electronic signature under the transaction.
  • Confirmation of identity - data of the person putting the electronic signature, contained in the certificate, were confirmed by the Bank. If the electronic signature was positively verified, it could have been placed only by the person indicated in the certificate, holding a private key, paired with the public key.