Submitting documents in Millenet

We know how precious your time is. That is why we are working on improving Millenet, so that the list of things you can do online, without having to visit Bank branch, constantly expands.

Apart from applying for new products via internet you can also submit documents required in the application processes.

Credit documents

For your convenience, we have facilitated the credit application process through internet banking. You can send required credit documents (e.g. articles of association, financial documentation) directly through Millenet.

What you gain:

  • faster credit decision - your documents are submitted directly to customer service team responsible for credit products
  • increased safety - the highest encryption standards make sending documents through Millenet safer than by email
  • comfort - you don't have to print out documents or visit Bank branch
  • control - you have an overview of all documents you exchanged with the Bank

You can attach as many as 10 files at a time, with a total size of 10 MB, in all popular formats (e.g. *.tiff, *.jpg, *.pdf, *.docx, *.xlsx). In order to attach a document, go to Millenet to section Documents and applications > Add document.

To gain access to this function, please contact your advisor or call 801 632 632 or +48 22 598 40 31.