Open cash withdrawal is a service offered to holders of settlement accounts maintained in PLN and foreign currencies.



  • Open withdrawal can be executed in any branch of the Bank
  • In selected branches you can withdraw cash also on week-ends
  • You can define the denominations
  • You will minimise the risk related to cash turnover by maintaining cash at the level required to finance current operations


Withdrawal from your company's account may be ordered by persons authorised to manage the account in accordance with the signature specimen card. You can also order withdrawal in Millenet, according to scope of authorizations defined therein, or directly at a branch or by calling TeleMillennium.

Withdrawals of the amounts exceeding 20 000 PLN, or executed in foreign currency require an advance withdrawal request.

How to order withdrawal in Millenet

In Millenet for Companies you can order an open cash withdrawal:

  • in selected Bank Millennium branch
  • in one of several available currencies
  • with specific denominations

Step 1: Define settings

  1. Define the scope of authorization for adding withdrawal receivers and for placing withdrawal orders

    Decide if one signature or more are required to add a receiver or order withdrawal (Settings > Authorization tools)

  2. Define user settings with respect to adding receivers as well as previewing, authorizing and placing orders

    Decide which employee can add receivers, prepare orders and who can authorize them (Settings > Users list > Edit > Transactions allowed)

  3. Draw up a list of receivers authorized to collect the withdrawal

    Provide the full name, ID number (personal details such as address and phone number are not required). Define in which branches the receiver may collect the withdrawal (Beneficiaries > Cash receivers > New receiver)

Step 2: Place an order

1. Payments > Open cash withdrawal transfer

  • select bank account to be debited by withdrawal
  • select Bank Millennium branch where cash will be withdrawn
  • define one or more persons authorized to collect the withdrawal
  • select currency and (optionally) denominations
  • define the date of withdrawal
  • confirm and place the order

2. Check your order status (Orders management > Open cash withdrawal transfers)

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