Internet banking

Access and activation

The Millenet system permits use of services and information, which are tailored to the needs of businesses and institutions that have current accounts in Bank Millennium.

The system has been developed with your convenience as well as effective management of business finances in mind.


How to get access to the Millenet for Companies system:

1. Visit any Millennium Branch or contact your Relationship Manager to sign an E-banking Agreement.

2. When signing the agreement, you will define your Millenet settings to reflect the needs of your business. The settings include system rights/permissions, login and phone numbers of system users. Millenet permits defining transaction authorisation levels – up to three signatures, as well as choice of authorisation tools – hardware token, electronic signature or SMSP@ssword.


Note! Irrespective of the initial configuration the system can always be further modified and adjusted to your needs.

3. After signing the agreement you will receive the following from your Relationship Manager:

  • When choosing the hardware token as authorisation tool - you will receive a package with your token and instructions for its use;
  • For users who did not provide a mobile phone number - envelopes with passwords to login first - the passwords remain inactive until the Bank has called you; users who gave a mobile phone number, the password for the first login will receive via text message during logon.

4. After the Bank has confirmed the data you will be contacted by a telephone consultant who will tell you that your Millenet is active and will give you a unique MilleKod number. As of now you will have full access to the Millenet system and all its functionalities.

5. With MilleKod, login (any sequence of 4 to 20 characters) and the one-time password (from SMS, hardware token or the envelope) each user can log on for the first time to the Millenet for Companies system.


Millenet for Companies has a complex security and user authentication system in order to ensure the highest safety level.

For users disposal there is a vast range of functionalities that facilitate everyday loggon as well as the proccess of loggon in the system. Thanks to the applied solutions now without unnecessary formalities there is an easy way of enabling access for blocked users.

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Functionality and security


Electronic Banking for Companies is designed to perform financial transactions associated with the clearance of domestic and foreign, and deployment of free resources.

Millenet was created to meet the needs of companies, institutions, with particular emphasis on:

  • system reliability and security of transactions executed,
  • flexibility to build access to the functions and setting the rules authorize the transaction.



Millenet represents reliability of data protection systems and transaction settlement:

  • communication protected by TLS protocol, which ensures most powerful 128-bit data encryption,
  • highest level of protection of the user sign-on process by means of MilleKod, Login, masked password and single-use SMS password,
  • detailed identification of each user in the system as well as flexibility in granting rights to functionalities and accounts,
  • registration module for all transactions of the Company made with use of the Millenet system,
  • broad selection of authorisation tools to ensure convenience and speed of work coupled with the highest degree of security,
  • additional security features, such as: event alerts, transaction monitoring or sign-on restrictions, which allow the level of security features to be tailored to the nature of work of each user,
  • technical assistance providing support in case of suspected potential security threat.


Electronic signature

Electronic signature is a modern, secure and convenient way of authorising transactions, developed for Customers who use the Bank Millennium online banking system - Millenet for Companies.

Standard Audit File for Tax

From now on, in addition to traditional bank statements, you have the possibility to order bank statements in the form of Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T). From 1 July 2016 SAF-T may be requested from large enterprises by tax audit authorities. In the future, the obligation will be extended to smaller companies.

How to gain access to SAF-T reports through Millenet?

  1. Submit an application in writing to your Bank Millennium advisor (find the nearest branch)
  2. The service will be activated within two business days from submitting the application
  3. Order reports in section Statements and Reports > On-demand Reports > Standard Audit File
  4. You will receive a Millenet message containing a link to the report, available for download for 3 months

A one-time fee is applicable for every report (generated for the period of max. 12 months) and for service activation, according to the price list.

Why is ordering SAF-T bank statements through Millenet a good solution?

  • Report data is always up to date and may contain records going up to 6 years back
  • Cost of implementing and maintaining SAF-T report tools is reduced (and borne mostly by the Bank)

Trade finance online

  • About the product

    Manage trade finance transactions online

    Online trade finance is a new advanced module in the Millenet for Companies internet banking system. It will allow your company to manage and monitor documentary letters of credit, bank guarantees and reguarantees online in each stage of their processing – starting from submitting an order to closing of the transaction. Thanks to effective electronic communication between the Customer and the Bank the transaction processing time will be shorter.

  • Functionalities

    What are the functionalities of online trade finance?

    Documentary letters of credit

    • Submitting orders to open/change,
    • Cancelling qualifications to the documents or rejecting non-compliant documents,
    • Receiving advice of third party letters of credit,
    • Submitting orders to transfer third party letters of credit,
    • Submitting other instructions connected with an opened letter of credit.

    Bank guarantees, reguarantees

    • Evaluating/negotiating guarantees presented by the Customer,
    • Placing orders to issue/change,
    • Receiving advice of third party guarantees,
    • Sending other instructions connected with the granted guarantee.

    Additional functionalities

    • Use in electronic forms of improvements, which facilitate and accelerate entering of transaction data (roll-down lists; pre-defining the database of banks or counterparties; templates of transactions or new orders based on orders entered earlier into the system),
    • Automatic verification/validation of the orders placed,
    • Possibility of attaching documents to the orders,
    • E-mailed or texted notifications,
    • Convenient ways of granting user rights to individual module functionalities,
    • Possibility of creating separate authorisation patterns,
    • High level of security thanks to using electronic signatures and authorisation methods available in the Millenet system,
    • Advanced tool for transaction reporting with the possibility to generate ad hoc and pre-defined reports (Reports Centre).

    Millenet - Documentary letters of credit and Bank guarantees - user manual

  • Benefits

    • Faster processing of the Customer’s orders.
    • Full control over the transaction thanks to access to order execution statuses and a history of transactions, including bank correspondence and SWIFT messages.
    • 24/7 service availability anywhere in the world.
    • Possibility to generate a broad range of transaction reports.
    • The module is available in Millenet – no need to define dedicated logins and passwords.

Millennium Forex Trader

  • About the product

    Buy and sell foreign currencies online on the wholesale FX market.

    Millennium Forex Trader is a professional online transactional platform where users can personally trade on the FX market, at the time and in the place of their convenience, from any computer. The transactions are executed at current exchange rates taken straight from the market. Thanks to the convenient and simple way of settling transactions their effects are seen on the Customer’s bank account promptly after executing the transactions.

  • Functionalities

    The Millennium Forex Trader transactional platform allows:

    • Monitoring of current FX rates,
    • Executing FX transactions i.a. on following currency pairs: EUR/PLN, USD/PLN, CHF/PLN, GBP/PLN, EUR/USD, NOK/PLN, SEK/PLN, DKK/PLN, JPY/PLN,
    • Contacting a Millennium dealer by chatting in the transaction window at the time of executing the transaction,
    • Defining the default currency and transaction amount separately for each currency pair displayed in the panel,
    • Opening multiple transaction tickets at the same time (tickets opened in one window),
    • Changing – separately for each of the currency pairs displayed in the panel – the method of displaying prices e.g. as a session chart or table with term points for user-defined terms.

  • Benefits

    • Minimising the time needed to execute a transaction as well as costs involved.
    • Getting the best market transaction prices even for low notional.
    • High level of security of communication and trading.
    • Possibility of executing term and swap transactions up to one year.
    • Access to transaction history with the option of personally defining search criteria.

Try our Millennium Forex Trader in the mobile application for companies.

Virtual Advisor

Screen sharing service, thanks to which you will get direct support after signing on to Millenet.

Get immediate help from our Advisor:

Call 801-632-632 or 22-598-40-31 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Monday to Friday.

Speak to the Advisor.

Sign on to Millenet, start the Virtual Advisor option and type the code, which you received from the Advisor.

The Advisor will answer your questions by using the cursor to point to the solution on the screen.

You do not have to install any software to get online help.

Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Browser settings

Data import / export

The expanded file import/export functionality will save you time. You don’t have to enter data manually — import them directly from your financial and accounting system. You can automatically upload information on beneficiaries, transaction history, as well as files containing orders of various type and format.

See what can be imported and how:


Our employees will provide you with any assistance you may need as regards Bank Millennium S.A. e-banking products.

For e-banking technical assistance call us at 801 632 632 or 22 598 40 31 - on business days, Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.