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CSR management

Here in Bank Millennium running responsible business means studying and reflecting the needs of Stakeholders in planning and implementing the company's strategy. Our corporate social responsibility activities and principles are embodied by the Bank’s plans and the Group’s updated mid-term strategy for 2015-2017. We have transformed these declarations into specific targets in our business plans for the various areas of the Bank’s operation.

CSR management in Bank Millennium strategy

More information: 2016 Annual Report

The Bank’s adherence to sustainable development principles has been confirmed by external assessments. Since 2011 we remains part of RESPECT Index, which consists of socially responsible companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The Bank has also received POLITYKA’s 2015 Silver Leaf – a distinction awarded to companies implementing sustainable development measures.

Stakeholders of Bank Millennium Group

Stakeholder groups have been selected following a mapping process. This process was conducted based on the results of survey to determine the influence of respective Stakeholder groups in the Bank and the Bank’s influence on those Stakeholder groups.

This way, key Stakeholders of the Bank Millennium Group were selected. They include clients, employees, investors, business partners, social environment, regulators and market supervision and the natural environment.

Stakeholders of Bank Millennium Group

More information: 2016 Annual Report

Areas of impact on the sustainable development

The most important areas of the Bank`s impact on sustainable development have been chosen with three criteria in mind: impact on society and environment, significance for Stakeholders and influence on success of the Bank’s business strategy.

Environmental and social impact of Bank Millennium

More information: 2016 Annual Report


Starting from 2006 Bank Millennium has been annually publishing its "Corporate Sustainability" report. In the report, the key aspects of the influence of the Bank on economic, social and environmental sustainable development were defined with reference to major groups of Stakeholders


Please send your questions, opinions and comments connected with corporate social responsibility of Bank Millennium to: csr@bankmillennium.pl