Saving products

Investing long-term and regularly permits making full use of the periods of best climate on capital markets as well as minimising the effects of temporary fluctuations.

Program Inwestycyjny Przyszłość +

  • 6 Millennium SFIO subfunds
  • Tailored investment duration from 5 to 18 years
  • Minimum deposit PLN 100
  • No handling fees for opening and maintenance of the Programme and for deposits 
  • B-category participation units

Individual Retirement Account

  • 6 Millennium FIO subfunds
  • Extra pension
  • No handling fees for opening and maintenance of IRA and for subsequent deposits 
  • The yield on saving with IRA is free from capital gains tax.
  • A-category participation units


Prices of investment funds

Prices of investment funds managed by Millennium TFI


Mutual Fund – an entity with legal personality, operating under the Act of 27 May 2004 on Mutual Funds and Management of Alternative Mutual Funds, the sole activity of which is investing monies raised publicly or non-publicly in securities, money market instruments and other property rights stipulated in the Act.

In return for payments into the fund investors receive participation units. Their number shows proportional share held by the investor in the investment fund assets. With a frequency stipulated in the fund’s Articles of Association the mutual fund shall determine the value of participation units i.e. shall calculate the net funds value of the fund attributable to a participation unit For this purpose, the fund determines the value of its investment portfolio and divides it by the number of participation units allocated to all participants. The value of participation unitmay change on each valuation day.

The following risks result from investing in investment funds:

  • Sector risk,
  • Credit risk,
  • Short-term price volatility risk,
  • FX risk,
  • Risk of not admitting issuer's securities to regulated market trading,
  • Liquidity risk,
  • Tax risk,
  • Legal risk,
  • Settlement risk,
  • Market risk,
  • Interest rate risk,
  • Risk of loss of capital,
  • Asset or market concentration risk,
  • Level of charges and fees,
  • Product complexity.

Risk description is provided in „Description of Risk Related to Financial Instruments and Products for Individuals in Bank Millennium S.A."1), as available in the Bank's outlets and on the Bank Web site www.

Detailed information on risks and investment strategy can be found in investment fund prospectuses.

Investing in mutual funds involves risk of loss as well as the obligation to pay fees and tax. The Fund does not guarantee the investment objective or specific investment result. The value of net assets of Millennium Funds is or may be characterised by high volatility due to the composition of investment portfolios. The issuer, the guarantor or the guarantor of securities representing more than 35% of the assets of Millennium Funds (excluding the Millennium SFIO) may be the Treasury, National Bank of Poland, the U.S. government, the European Central Bank or the European Investment Bank. The full description of Millennium Funds, including a description of risk factors is contained in prospectuses and Key Investor Information Documents of individual Funds are available in branches of Bank Millennium S.A., in the seat of Millennium TFI S.A and on the website

Amounts invested in the product are not covered by the guarantee system BFG.