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Get a Cash Loan with a 4.99% fixed interest rate APR 23.16%

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The “Dream or get it” promotion (Promotion) applies to interest rate on cash loans granted for a period from 6 to 36 months where the amount to be disbursed under the agreement does not exceed PLN 20,000. One of the eligibility conditions is to sign a Bezpieczna Pożyczka insurance agreement and to identify the Bank as the beneficiary of insurance benefit in the event of death and to assign rights under this agreement to the Bank. The Promotion is available to Customers who in the course of the last 12 months up to the day of submitting the application were not parties to a cash loan agreement in the Bank.The Promotion does not apply to loans for repayment of other credit products. The promotion may not be combined with other promotions concerning cash loans and with the offering for persons transferring their salary or net income. The Promotion may be used only once during its validity.

Detailed terms and conditions of the Promotion are presented in “Dream or get it” Promotion Regulations available in Bank branches and at website. The Promotion is valid from 3 June to 30 September 2017. The Promotion is combined with the “Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee”. The condition for eligibility for the Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee is presentation by the Customer, within 30 days from signing of the cash loan agreement with the Bank, of a loan/credit agreement signed with another bank or of the Standard European Consumer Credit Information form together with a credit decision, for the same amount of the loan/credit and same tenor. Remaining terms and conditions of the offer are stipulated in the Regulations on Cash Loan with "Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee" provided by Bank Millennium S.A. Details concerning the rules for granting loans are provided in the Regulations on Credit and Loans Granted to Individuals by Bank Millennium S.A. Fees and commissions not stipulated in the Promotion Regulations shall be charged in accordance with the Cash Loan Price List.

Detailed terms and conditions of providing insurance cover under Bezpieczna Pożyczka insurance by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Europa S.A. and Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Europa S.A. are stipulated in Bezpieczna Pożyczka Insurance Terms and Conditions and in Bezpieczna Pożyczka Insurance – Product Sheet. The above-mentioned documents are available in Millennium branches and on website. The Bank assesses the Applicant’s credit capacity and worthiness on a case-by-case basis prior to granting the loan; in justified cases the Bank may refuse to grant it. Representative example for Cash Loan with “Dream or get it” Promotion: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 23.16%; total loan amount (net of loan-financed costs): PLN 4,668; total amount due: PLN 5,850.89; fixed interest rate 4.99%; total cost of the loan: PLN 1,182.89 (including: commission 9.99% (PLN 466.33); interest PLN 316.08; additional services PLN 400.48 including insurance PLN 400.48); 26 monthly equal payments of PLN 225.03. The calculation was made as of 01.05.2017 on a representative example.

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