What's new in Millenet

Easy Instalments – convenient credit card repayment

From now on, you can quickly and easily divide your credit card transactions into instalments with an attractive interest rate.

You get to choose yourself which transactions of more than PLN 300 or what amount of used credit limit you want to spread into instalments and how long you want to repay them! The option is available both in Millenet e-banking system and in mobile app.

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Register your prepaid phone in Millenet

You can now perform the mandatory registration of your prepaid phone via online banking.

The registration is free of charge and you do not have to visit your mobile operator store. You can register you mobile quickly and conveniently from home. According to the regulations in force, you have to do it by 1st of February 2017.

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Contactless payments available in mobile app

Mobile app users can now pay by phone just like by contactless plastic card, thanks to a new service introduced by Bank Millennium.

To perform a payment only unlock a phone and hold it against a terminal at off-line store. Convenient mobile contactless payments are available to all customers who use a smartphone with Android 4.4 (and up) and NFC module.

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Log in to PUE ZUS via Millenet

You can now have quick and convenient access to the Electronic Services Platform of the Polish Social Insurance Institution (PUE ZUS).

From now on our Clients can open and activate their PUE ZUS account directly through Millenet, without having to visit ZUS branch personally. Using the platform you can easily check your contributions, send documents and applications or reserve a visit in a ZUS branch.

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Buy your insurance in Millenet

Now you can insure your car, motorcycle or scooter via Millenet.

You can start the purchase via mobile application and finish it in Millenet or the other way round. At every stage of the process you will have an option to save application and continue the process on any device.

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Gain easy access to public administration websites trough your e-banking system

Don't wait in lines - handle administrative matters quickly, even outside the opening hours of public offices.

Submit documents and check the status of your applications in the comfort of your home. Profile directly through Millenet and log in to public administration websites just as you log in to your Bank. Trusted Profile works as an e-signature and can be used on numerous websites, including ePUAP, PUE ZUS or CEIDG.

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